I have been following J. Rahshemah Floyd, a talented New Yorker who writes brilliantly and beautifully. Today, she shares one of her many posts with us and hope that you enjoy reading this.

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Dear Readers,

Once upon a time people treated their work space and place of employment like it was their home. But time have changed and so have people’s attitude about their place of employment. Back in the day a persons place of employment was considered to be a part of a second family. People where more relaxed and thier surrounding reflect an atmosphere of being at home. People personalize their work space with family pictures that told the story of their life, and other employee where Interested in each others lives,  and took time to show that they cared. Most people remained at their places of employment until retirement. They didn’t feel the need to seek out growth outside of the company because growth within a company was encouraged. Back in the day people enjoyed their lunch and coffee breaks it was a period of the day to leave the work environment and take a moment to distress. In the good old days of 9 to 5 people weren’t pushed to muilti task and to perform like machines. Once the clock chimed 5 the work day was over and people looked forward to going home to have dinner with their families. Carpooling was common among employees and it wasn’t viewed as an unpleasant chore. Carpooling was another way that people spend time taking, connecting and sharing.

Fast forward….

Nowadays, people are spending an excessive amount of time at their place of employment and less quality time at home. The work place has dramatically changed  the mannerisms and atmosphere is the employees versus the employer. Upper management controls all the swanky offices that reflect the position of power and money, while the people who do the difficult tasks are down in the trenches reduced to working in shabby make shift cubicle that doesn’t allow them the space to make themselves comfortable. People are separated by teams and are pitted against each other, and upper management controls who they deem the weaker employees by the use of fear. There is a level of distrust because of the office or company ” snitch.” Budget cuts and companies downsizing employers are asking employees to do more with less. People are afraid to speak out in fear of retaliation from upper management. Very few people view going to their place of employment with joy and enthusiasm. And the newcomers are forced to join established cliques in order to show their loyalty.

The bottom line is this we are all connected and each member of the team should be viewed as an equal despite the pay gap. Think about this we buy clothing every day. Have you ever given thought to the people who make the fabric, the person who sews the garment, and the people who package them for shipping. They men and women who load and unload the trucks, the sales associates who unpack, label and arrange the clothing in the store. Oh and let’s not forget the stockroom crew who work behind the scenes. We are all connected. I say lets go back to making our place of employment an atmosphere of enjoyment.

what say you?


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17 replies on “Guest Post: The workplace blues.

  1. I agree with you! What shocked me the most was how elderly employees were treated by upper management. Young head of department have no respect for people. They only cared about meeting targets and numbers. Once, I saw a young head of department throwing a report in front of an older employee. Is it that inconveniencing passing the report nicely to another person? I decided to decline the job offer there. Everyone grows old unless one is Benjamin Button.

    Also, younger generation had to learn various alternative money making skills in case one day they suddenly get retrenched from MNCs. The future is very unsettling and unpredictable. Friends can turn into foes and they will use one’s secret or weaknesses against them if necessary.

    Love your writing! It will be even better if some spelling corrections are implemented:
    1. A person’s place of employment…
    2. …and other employees were interested in…
    3. …and take a moment to de-stress…
    4. …people weren’t pushed to multitask…

    Have a great week! 😉

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  2. Fantastic article. Yes, we should enjoy our time at work. We create things, make things possible, and we supposed to be appreciated for it and recognised. No job is too small and no important, we are tiny blocks which build communities, countries, humanity:) Have a beautiful day:)

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  3. Good find in the modernization of the Workplace. The facts that this is the direction the worker today does view their position in life as the “new world”. The rubber hits the road when each of them will become aware that the move is not to making everyone a part of the team, but, the team allowing them to become a member. Common Sense on “feelings” is non-existent and the facts of what really works changes their feelings. There will be, much like all things, a Maranatha of Reality to bring things back in the Realm true.
    Great presentation of the New Modern.

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  4. Thanks Kally, please invite this POSTER back again sometime.

    It was a stroll down memory lane for me; both of the Past and the declining present.

    Those WERE the day’s; What if anything can bring them back.

    Your friend,

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