What To Do After You Get a Job Offer?

Did you find your dream job and got the job offer for it? Congratulations!

If that is a yes, you have a good reason to celebrate. But, before you do so, you need to adjust the way you interact with the company.

If you were careful during the interview process, you must be taking care even more on how you respond when you get the job offer. If you want to work for the company offering you the job, first impressions matter.

Job offers can come either by phone or email. If you didn’t get to answer the call, employers can leave a voicemail to notify you about the job offer and ask you to call back.

To help you out in responding to your job offer, here is our quick guide on what to do:


If you get your job offer through voicemail

1) Take your time in listening to the voicemail and write all the key details in a paper. Repeat the voicemail again to double check everything. If they ask you to call back, take note of what time they indicated in the voicemail and call back.

2) If no callbacks are requested, email them within the day and thank them for the offer. Express your excitement about the job offer and learn more about it through email.


If you get the job offer on a live call

1) Say thank you for the offer and express your excitement.

2) Ask the employer about the job and when you need to confirm your answer.

3) If you want to know about the job salary, you can ask the employer when they will send you more details about the job. If you do not get anything on paper or email, the job is not officially offered to you.

4) If they talk about the salary, get them to explain to you how the salary is computed or tell them you will email them about your inquiries about the salary. Do not negotiate during the call because the person who is offering you the news may not be authorised to negotiate your salary. Better to do it through email so your request can be forwarded easily through the right channel.


If you get the job offer online through email

1) Send a thank you note within 24 hours. The sooner you mail them back, the better because they will see how excited you are for the offer.

2) If the offer’s details are in the email, read it carefully and send your inquiries if something is unclear for you.

3) If the details about the job are not in the email, tell them that you are excited to learn more about the offer while you mail your thank you note. You should also ask when they will send you the official job offer.

Still uncertain about certain aspects of the job offer?

Do not hesitate to ask the company’s HR department for clarification. You need to make sure you understand every aspect of the offer before you sign the contract. Even if you find your dream job in the company, you may end up quitting from it after a month because the job offer is not right for you.

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  1. Great advice. It is hard to believe that there are people that have not manners.


  2. msw blog says:

    Great advice…


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