Tips on How to Balance Business and Solo Parenting

Ask any entrepreneur if running their own business is challenging and you’re sure to receive a resounding yes. Add the responsibility of taking care of your children to the mix and it’d almost seem impossible.

It might seem daunting but there are plenty of single mothers out there who are also impressive entrepreneurs. In fact, most of them seem to balance both with such ease that you’d not even think it was remotely difficult.

Here are some tips to help you strike that balance.

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#1 Adhere to a schedule that works for you

In the beginning, it might be overwhelming and easy to get off on the wrong foot. However, as you come to realize what works best for you and your children, you’ll then be able to create a schedule that works best for you and them.

From what time your children get up, to when you have meetings with your team or scheduled calls with clients, you’ll soon be able to have it all fall into a structured schedule.

Once you have that in place, adhering to it is key. That way, you’ll be able to keep yourself grounded and stay focused throughout the day while working on your goals.

But don’t pile guilt on yourself if you need to be flexible or adjust your timing because your little one is not feeling well.


#2 Expect the unexpected

While adhering to a schedule is important, know that there are unexpected situations that might happen. Perhaps your child isn’t well and needs some extra care for the day, or you’ve got more business meetings than usual.

It’s important to be open to the fact that there might be changes in your schedule. When that happens, it’s crucial to not get overly stressed out. At times, things don’t always go according to plan and when that happens it’s important to deal with the situation and reset accordingly.


#3 Ask for a helping hand if necessary

It can get overwhelming sometimes to handle everything on your own. If you feel like you require a helping hand, it’s important to not shy away from it.

If needed, reach out to someone to help take care of the children for a bit while you focus on the business. Or get some help for your business to allow yourself to spend more time with your children.

Either way, it’s imperative to ask for help when you need it before things start to snowball out of control.


#4 Make time for yourself

Me time is extremely important as you need to be in a good mental and physical space to be able to deal with running a business and taking care of your children. Without proper me time, you run the risk of having a potential breakdown.

Create clear boundaries and make time for your health by heading to the gym, going for a run, or even taking a fun fitness class. You can also take some time to pamper yourself with a massage, manicure, or anything that would help you de-stress and unwind. Remember, a swedish massage is very different from a deep tissue massage so be sure to book the right one for you!

It’s important to know when it’s time to focus on you.

Balancing a business and taking care of children is certainly no easy feat. However, with these tips, you’ll be certainly better equipped to achieve that healthy balance between the two.

For those busy parents out there, how do you balance your time between work and bonding with your children? Please share your secrets with us in the comments below.

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