Is It Ok to Take a Long Career Break?

When the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world as we knew it, employees realised how important it is to prioritise other parts of life instead of focusing entirely on work. Some are now looking for jobs that will allow them to gain flexibility with their work schedule and get benefits they were not offered before, like…

How Your Boss Can Support Employees’ Mental Health

Anxiety is not an uncommon feeling for any employee, especially now that the times are very uncertain. The onset of the coronavirus pandemic has made this feeling even stronger, including the social issues happening in various parts of the globe. The impact of this anxiety varies per employee, but most would display signs of having…

Tips on How to Balance Business and Solo Parenting

Ask any entrepreneur if running their own business is challenging and you’re sure to receive a resounding yes. Add the responsibility of taking care of your children to the mix and it’d almost seem impossible.

Signs That Your Job is Making You Seriously Depressed

Work depression can hit anyone at any given moment. Recently, one of my friends was diagnosed with depression derived from work-related stress. Fortunately for him, his employers were alerted to his displayed signs of depression and managed to convince him to seek help immediately.

7 Ways To Rekindle The Joy Of Writing

When you are working as a writer for clients and yet keeping your blog up to date at the same time, you might lose the passion of writing. Maybe because you are mentally drained or having a huge writer’s block or even you are sick of being stuck to your desk/computer 9 hours a day….