Hate the backstabbers but they are everywhere, almost found at every of your job, whether you like it or not. One thing good about being a freelancer is that I don’t deal with backstabbers or office politics no more. However, as I hear stories from my friends as they poured their frustrations on these evil colleagues over our weekly luncheons, I couldn’t help but pity them. You can only ignore them for so long so the only right thing to do is to beat them at their own game. When being attack, you need to be defensive. Here are some ways you can beat the backstabbers (not with your fists) in the office.


Be Better Than They Thought You Are

More than often, the backstabbers don’t measure up their skills against you. Come on, if they are good in the first place, they wouldn’t need to feel threatened enough to want to harm you. They probably will be too busy to do so. Hence, it is pretty easy to be way better than they are. That way they have absolutely nothing to complain against you and move on to their next victim.

Anticipate Their Moves

Backstabbers love to watch their victim every move in order to catch them unaware. If you are able to anticipate that a backstabber is going behind your back and to your superiors, prepped yourself to be ready to answer any questions about your job when asked. This will frustrate and thwart his evil intent. 

Have A Strong Backer Or Two

After working in a company for a year, you bound to have mentors or at least leaders who believe in your work and trust your words. I am never afraid of backstabbers because I know I have plenty of reliable folks who will vouch for my work without a single hesitation.

Be Confident In Yourself

Don’t let the ugly words or actions of the backstabbers affect your performance. If you are good in your work, believe it! Backstabbers often lurk and leach onto low self-esteem victims because it made them feel powerful when they are able to make someone else powerless and look stupid in front of higher authorities.


The thing about backstabbers – they are often insecure folks who feel their roles are being overshadowed by others. Instead of imploring themselves and working hard at improving their skills, the shortcut way is to bring someone down to make themselves look good. This is another form of bullying. 

Call them out at their own game by confronting them and their antics in front of the management. Often, they are unable to answer for their actions and instead of embarrassing you, they embarrassed themselves. Or ignore them and concentrate on your performance, if the work you produce is excellent, they will just have to eat their own words. 

Do you have such evil characters in your workplace? How do you avoid them? Share your tricks in the comments below!

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18 replies on “How To Beat Backstabbers At Their Own Game

  1. HAVE A STRONG BACKER OR TRUE…this is really so true and very practical in dealing with office politics…even in the academic world..backstabbers do exist and they are even more dangeroua because they have masters degree and PHd…

    And like you i am sooo happy i don’t have to deal with that anymore

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  2. And oh i would like to share an experience back when i was working…for so many years i noticed every time we have departmental photo shoots or parties or events..my fellow lady co teacher would not even want to sit beside me or have their photos taken along with me…it was only in my last few months in school that someone told me…”we dont hate you.. we just dont wanna be friends or close to you because you are more beautiful than us….meaning if we have our photos taken along with you people will notice how not good looking we are because you are so pretty.”

    I didint know how to react then…imagine, when did being beautiful becomes a problem to being with people?

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  3. “Call them out at their own game by confronting them and their antics in front of the management.”
    I got in trouble for this. He went to HR and told (lied) them I was creating a hostile environment.

    It’s bad advice. “in front of the management.” If the situation has gotten this far, it’s because the manager has looked the other way or even supported the backstabber.

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    1. It’s terrible that the HR choose to believe in him (rather you) that you are creating a hostile environment. I hope you are no longer working in that company.

      I’ve called out backstabbers and bullies many times and usually they cowardly retreat for the obvious reasons that I am right in the first place and I have my management backing before I confront them. Many times, situations escalate and get out of hand while other times, manager just doesn’t the evidence to prosecute the backstabbers because there’s nobody willing to stand up against them.


  4. Great post Kally. Thanks for writing that up.

    Yes, you find them sometimes. I haven’t met many, but the one I met held a job that was completely opposite to the nature of a backstabber. Something is really wrong there.

    A serial backstabber who keeps backstabbing his peers. He organised a meeting once to bad mouth his superiors and start a mini revolution. He got called out to “stop it” by someone in the meeting. Yet he somehow got my wife to start working for him in his office and organised another meeting. This time after bad mouthing the people he doesn’t like, he asked my wife to join in the attack. But my wife’s been telling me that those people he spoke badly about are actually really nice. So I opened my voice and conveyed what my wife told me that there’s nothing wrong with them. Welllll… Hahaha. You can imagine what he did next. He has been badmouthing me to everyone, even to the superiors that he hates. Interestingly, before I realised the extend of his efforts, I was told that he developed a severe headache that needed a brain scan. Then his finger was cut so bad in a gardening accident by his young son. A little while later he was due to give a public talk. It’s so ironic because the topic tied closely to “backstabbing” and he had already written the entire talk, but he got admitted to hospital for perianal cyst that required an operation scheduled exactly on the hour he’s supposed to give the talk, so someone else had to deliver his talk for him. I’m sitting here thinking, wow… The poor guy. Surely, there is a higher power at work here. Happy days 😀

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    1. Wow! It’s really karma isn’t it? Thanks for sharing your experience with us. It must be a pain to work with him. I know I wouldn’t like to work with him at all!


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