When I was a manager, I like to give my all and my best to the task at hand so it isn’t unusual to expect the same when I became a freelancer. Being a freelancer to me is rather like a boss marketing my own services to my clients and each client I treat them with respect and their projects with responsibility.

To understand how I manage to create quality work in a short amount of time, you must understand my freelancing weapons. Here are my secrets to being a top rated freelancer:


Conducive Positive Environment

This is the number one key to completion of any tasks on time. Distraction free, you will be able to concentrate and process your thoughts clearly. I usually work in silence hence I always work in my study room instead of in a cafè. On the other hand is to protect my clients’ information and privacy as well. However, I have a table facing a wonderful view of garden and pool so that gives me natural lighting and cool breeze, and sometimes allow me to drift off my thoughts when things get overwhelming.

Laptop (and backup laptop)

One thing I hate is slow internet and laptop crashes. So I’ll never put myself and my clients in situations where my laptop crashes and I can’t work until I can a replacement. Besides ensuring my laptop (which technically is the key freelancing weapon) is in tip top condition, I have another laptop that I’m using for personal use, ready to switch over if the one I’m using for my work fails on me.


A Huge Display

Blame it on my age or my failing eyes, a huge display makes a huge load of differences and allow me to multitask on a bigger screen, almost like Tom Cruise in Minority Report. I work faster and better after I had my huge display. 

Fast Internet (and backup internet)

Fast internet goes hand in hand with a reliable laptop and a huge display. No point getting all the latest gadgets when you have an unstable internet. I get really pissed when the internet speed is crawling. So we had wired up our home with a fast speed fibre broadband as well as a backup internet in case of outages. I even have a portable modem that I can use with a 4G SIM card in case all internet is congested. Always be prepared for the worst!


My iPhone / iPad

I love my iPhone and iPad, aside from my MacBook Air. So far, I haven’t got enough of what iOS and OSX can do after suffering under the torture of constant crashing IE and Outlook. I love working on my phone especially now I have a little one, it is much easier to work on the phone than to be on my desk or lugging around the laptop around the house. I can always type away furiously when she is dozing off at her rocking chair or take a quick peep at my emails when she is nursing.

A lightweight book & pen

This is when I want to note down a new idea quickly when I am outside. Although iPhone can do the trick, somehow I still prefer the old school way of pen and paper.

So these are my freelancing weapons to help me get through the day of work. So what’s yours? Share them in the comments below!

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