Hateful Tactics that Sales Person Deploys

There are great sales folks that you might even vision yourself being friends with them or you are already awesome friends with them. And then…there is the other flip side of the coin, the sales folks who deploy hateful unethical tactics to lure customers like yourself to buy stuff or signing up services that you don’t need.

Peer Pressure

Using your friends have it, and it is a MUST you have it too. You need that fruit blender so that you can serve kiwi sorbets and strawberries yoghurt at your next pool party just like Linda, your next door neighbour cum best friend.


Missing Out

This message is in almost all the advertisements. If you don’t have those sunshades, you are not cool. You are missing out on our latest deal/ once in a lifetime discount/ never before offer/ too good to be true package etc.

Trampled Your Pride

You are told you are not good enough, not healthy enough or not smart enough until you uses their products or services. All these messages are subtly implied across their speech when they talk to you. “You know you can lose weight quickly if you sign up for our gym membership.” kind of talk in this method.


Over Promise

They promise you the moon, the stars and the sun just to get you part with your precious money from your wallet. Once you hand over your credit card, all promises are off, and you are on your own. Even you get your promises in writing, they will fight tooth and nail to break the promises they made with that glib of their slithery tongues.

Under Deliver

Almost the same as over-promise however, instead of promising anything, the service or product you bought will under deliver. And the salesman who sold you the item will miraculously ‘disappear’. Phone call unanswered or he is always ‘away’ from the office, you tried your best to locate him, and he completely dodges you. Until the next victim….


False Hope

The false hope I’m referring to is the money back guarantee. Seriously, how many of us will go through the hassle of returning a product for the 30 days money back guarantee and even we did, we probably did not read the small fine print that indicates that we will be liable for the returned postage which cost more than the product itself.

If you can identify some of the methods that have been used on you, share your tales with us!

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  1. Hey Kally, I had a good read. Very true of all the words you have shared today. It is happening everywhere.
    I completely agree with you in the paragraph you mentioned about signing in the gym to become healthy by losing your weight, buy this product for beautiful skin, this and that. Long ago our ancestors lived a purity lifestyle. But today in the so called “Modern World” with all the fascinating advertisement, it is worse than one can believe it. In the ancient days, our great parents were not adhered paracetamol, they did not have technological scans that see inside their human body, and everything they had was organic. Our ancestors did not live by advertisement, or gym, or body products, and they were able to reach over the age of 90 years old and in the Modern world, we are dying before the age of 30 or 40 years old. Hey “Modern World,” – What is going on?

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    1. Kally says:

      Thank you for telling me that! I am a sales person by heart but I hate it that our world has become super commercialized that we no longer recognize false advertising from genuine products.

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  2. So true. I hate being forced to say I like something. It’s subtle brainwashing. Thanks, great post 🙂

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    1. Kally says:

      Thanks a lot, Tiffany. I hate it myself too. Peer pressure is the hardest form to decline something.

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  3. Ugh these are SO true! I hate it when they make me feel guilty for not buying their product!! Also, I’m doing a give away for a Bellabeat fitness tracker on my blog if you want to check it out 🙂 https://courtneylivin.com/2017/04/27/bellabeat-giveaway/

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    1. Kally says:

      I’ll be sure to check your blog! Always love a great giveaway!

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  4. msw blog says:

    Such a great post. I am sure you and your readers will get a laugh out of this post “virtual fashion affair” 😊


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    1. Kally says:

      Ooooo… going to pop over to your blog for my weekend reads now! Thanks for sharing.

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  5. So true, l appreciate this article. Thank you for writing this from now on l’ll be keeping an eye out #fakefriends 😂


    Sent from my Windows Phone

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    1. Kally says:

      Hahaha! Good one, Nigel! Thanks for popping by.

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  6. Expect The Exceptional says:

    Great post, these tactics are the worst! I wrote a blog about how important honesty in sales is, you should check it out! https://expecttheexceptional.wordpress.com/2017/02/17/remembering-your-purpose/

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    1. Kally says:

      Thank you! I’ll pop by your recommendation soon!

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