‘Appy Tips For Small Businesses


Now that mobile devices are extremely dominant in today’s society, more and more small businesses are creating their very own apps. There are various reasons why apps are so useful for small businesses. Firstly, they can make it easier for customers and clients to get in touch, and they are also a handy way of making announcements and releasing news.

However, even though apps are necessary right now, not many small businesses know exactly how they should make one. But don’t worry; our handy guide is full of tips that can help you make an app to keep your customers ‘appy.


Know Your App’s Purpose

You need to be 100% clear on the purpose of your app. This will then help you move on with your mobile strategy. If you haven’t yet thought of a definite purpose for your app, you should try and understand your customers and clients’ motivations that would get them to use the app. It is also a good idea to look at the apps that your competitors have created, as you could take inspiration from their purposes.

Keep The App Simple

If your app is overly complicated to use, then it could completely turn off users. The whole design of the app needs to be consistent and user-friendly. The best way to figure out whether or not your app is simple enough is to test all the software and the user experience side of it. There are some unique software and computer programs that you can use for this. Most companies offer a demo before you commit to buy a product. It’s a good idea to demo a few different ones before you invest too much money.



Think About The Price

If you are going to charge people to download the app, you need to carefully think about the price tag. If the price is too low, then there is no way you will make any money from the app. However, if the price is way too high, then no one will want to buy it. Lots of companies create freemium apps. These are ones that are free to download, but there are things that can be purchased in the app. They often appeal to customers a lot more than apps that they need to pay for to download.

Plan Your Marketing And Promotion

You need to persuade customers that your app is just as good as you know it is. Otherwise, there is no way they will download it. And this requires a well-thought-out marketing and promotions campaign. The best way to let people know about your new app is to post about it on your social media platforms. It will also be invaluable to mention the app in your company newsletter. If you also currently have a company advertising strategy, it could be worth tying your app promotion one into that.

These tips will make sure that your new app works well for you and your company. So, what are you waiting for?!

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