*As told to Kally from someone who wishes to be anonymous

Kyla and I came from the same school however, we never really crossed path in the compound. Her being a few years my junior, probably hang out with the most popular clique in school while I was the school biggest wallflower. I was only aware of her presence when she joined my company and we had to work alongside on a few common projects. I guess it was then the attraction started.

As much as I want to make a move, I was painfully aware that she was dating the company’s most eligible bachelor and that deterred me from asking her out. Instead, I settled being her best friend at work. Years later, I left the company to start out my own venture with a good friend. I did learn that she left the company and moved to another state to get married. We did not keep in touch because it was too painful for me to know that someone I love is so near within reach and yet so far out there.


Perhaps God took pity on me, Kyla moved back after a horrible divorce and I offered her a job at my firm when she asked without much thought. I did not expect her to accept the job but she jumped at it before I can retract my offer. Why did I even regret my offer? You see, during the years away from Kyla, I settled down nicely with a family of my own. I have a loving wife and three very adorable children. I do not know how Kyla will come in the mix of things. I definitely did not anticipate that my life will centralise around her.

The only opening in my firm is the role of my secretary who left six months ago and I’ve been struggling to find someone suitable. Kyla is the right fit because of her background of secretarial work she has done. Everything at work was smooth initially until I started going to work as early as I can just because I know Kyla will be at work early. I began to stay back at work when she needs to overtime to catch up on her piling work and I offered to send her home even though her address is the opposite direction of mine.

timg (1)

The shock that made me realised that I am obsessed with Kyla was when I deliberately cooked up a fake business trip so I can be alone in a country with her. Of course, nothing happened and in case you are wondering, we slept in separate hotel rooms on different floors. But those few days are absolutely a dream. I get to be with her alone most of the time, have meals together. We laughed together and reminisced our days at the previous company.

Guilty? I did feel something when I went home. I looked into the eyes of my youngest child and I know if I ever start an affair I’ll never able to live with myself. Not that Kyla is going to jump at an opportunity to sleep with me. But as she works for me, I continue to feed my obsessions.

Short of winding up my firm, I can’t fire her and I can’t tell her the truth. There’s nothing I can do.

I just hope that I can control my obsession as long as I can.

*As told to Kally from someone who wishes to be anonymous

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