It’s so easy to feel like you are stuck in a rut when it comes to your job. If you have been doing the same role for years, you can feel like you are going nowhere fast. And it can give you a lack of enthusiasm for the role. But rather than just sitting back and accepting your fate, you should do something about it. After all, if you show the company you want to advance, there is more of a chance you will. In fact, here are some ways you can take the next step forward in your career.

Show them you are committed by working overtime

It might be the case that you currently just do your hours and then head home. After all, if you work long hours already, you might be knackered by the time it’s home time. But if you want to go further in your career, you need to show you are committed and willing to work hard. And the best way to do that is by offering to work extra. It might be that you stay a couple of hours extra after work to finish a project. Or you might want to work overtime at weekends if they need the extra help. When they see how much extra effort you are going to, it will remind them how much of an asset to the team you are. And it will show you are willing to go the extra mile for the company. Of course, make sure you are paid for the time you are doing extra. After all, you don’t want them to take advantage of your hard working nature!


Offer to train new staff members

It’s also a good idea to offer to train new starters as well if you want to move forward with your career. For one thing, it shows initiative by offering to train the new starter. And it will remind them how long you have been with the company if you are experienced enough to train the new person. In fact, if you train one person to their expectation, it’s likely they will ask you to do it again in the future. And it might give them the push they need to make you supervisory or even managerial level! Therefore, make sure you offer when you know a new person is starting. And even if they say no this time, it plants a seed in their mind, and they might consider you in the future to train new employees.


Apply to internal jobs

When a company is looking for a new employee, it’s often the case they will send an email to employees that already work for the company. For one thing, they hope they might know someone who would like a position. But it can also give them the opportunity to apply for the job within the company. After all, it’s a lot easier for them if they hire someone in house. And they would rather you take the opportunity than leave for another job elsewhere. But a lot of people are too scared to apply in case it offends their current boss. But if you want to move forward, you don’t want to miss out on this chance. Therefore, make sure you apply for the role, so they know you are interested. It’s likely you will go through the same process as everyone else to make it fair. But it will help that you already have experience working at the company. And even if they reject you this time, it will let them know you are interested in moving through the ranks. In fact, they might give you more to do in your role to keep you busy. And they could even give you a pay rise to ensure you stay loyal to the company!

Work on your qualifications

You might have to stick in your current role as you can’t move forward as you don’t have the qualifications. Therefore, you feel like you have gone the furthest you can go in your career. But this doesn’t have to be the case. You should look at working on your qualifications to ensure you enhance in your career. Although you might not want to go back to college full time, there are some part time courses you can do around your job. For example, if you are in the accountancy sector, you can look online for the Best Value CPE for CPAs. That way, you can do the courses in your own time which will help you build credits to earn the qualification you need to advance in your career. And if you tell your company about the work you are doing, it’s sure to leave them impressed that you are doing it off your own back. And it can help them see how committed you are to the role and doing the best job possible. So a promotion will be in the pipeline when you finish the course.

Arrange a meeting with your boss

Sometimes all it needs is a chat with your boss to help you move forward with your career. After all, if you are sitting there in silence, they might not realize that you are keen to move forward. And that you feel like you need a challenge after doing your current job for a while. Therefore, you need to be honest with your employer about how you feel about the job. Tell them about what you would like to do and what you will bring to a new role. It might be that you talk about achievements in your current position. After all, it can give you a helping hand to advance in your position. And hopefully, your hard work will pay off with a brand new position at the company. But even if it doesn’t, you have made it clear how you feel. So you should be one of the first to be asked when another role comes up in the future.

And sometimes the only way forward is to leave your current job. After all, you then have the opportunity to go for something which is an upgrade on your job. And it can give you the push you need to move forward with your career.

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11 replies on “Taking The Next Step Forward In Your Career

  1. “And sometimes the only way forward is to leave your current job. ”

    And this is what i did just recently, kally!
    Haha! I can totally relate with this article.
    At the moment, I am upgrading my profile by enrolling myself in
    a master’s degree. I know the work force is a competitive field.
    I don’t want to be left behind. so yeah…

    Thanks for this !

    Blogger Lovely @

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    1. Wonderful!!! I love it when someone take matters into their own hands and improve themselves for a better future. Good for you!! 👍🏻👍🏻 Check out more posts of MiddleMe in regards to self-improvement of your career.

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