Do you feel squashed, sandwiched, or stuck in your current job role? If so, starting a business for yourself could be a way out of the humdrum scenario you are currently residing in. Starting a new enterprise isn’t for everyone, of course, but even if you think you could pull it off, the chances are that you are hamstrung by your own fears. With this in mind, we thought we would reveal some of the biggest concerns that stop people from becoming an entrepreneur. Read on to find out more and see if you can learn to deal with them. Let’s get started right away.


Fear of failure

Fear of failure is the number one reason for people not starting their own business. However, failure is nothing to be concerned at all – it’s how the vast majority of people learn to become a success. Look at the most successful business owners of all time, and they all have a string of failures behind them before they found that one fantastic idea that went on to serve them so well. Sure, it’s an unpleasant experience watching your fledgling business fall apart at the seams. But nothing is stopping you from going again, and avoiding making the same mistakes.

Imposter syndrome

The average person doesn’t believe they have it in them to become successful, and even when they are acknowledged as good at their jobs, they suffer from imposter syndrome. Feelings of inadequacy are rife, and those little voices in your head that shout you will never be good enough can be a constant drain. Bear in mind that everyone goes through the same thing – and it’s how you deal with those thoughts that counts.

Financial failure

It can cost a lot of money to start a business, and fear of failing financially is a huge concern for most people. However, success can only be found if you open yourself up to it. There are risks involved, for sure, but ultimately you can manage those risks. There are ways around spending massive amounts of money, anyway. For example, instead of spending big on lots of inventory for an ecommerce store, why not investigate becoming a multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace? This way, you remove the costs of buying physical products and just act as a middle party for transactions between customers and product or service companies.

Fear of success

Fear of actually becoming successful is just as much of an issue as a fear of failure – if not more so. Do you worry about standing out from the crowd? Are there concerns that you don’t deserve to be there? Do you have a fear of change? If you can fix these negative feelings, it can take you a lot further than you think, and you will find yourself trying new things and working towards success.

Fear of humiliation

People that don’t want to put themselves out there are often worried about humiliating themselves. Again, it’s completely natural, and a lot of individuals who start their own business often feel embarrassed about it. However, you’ll find that everyone around you gives you support, and often all these fears and feelings are stemming from yourself. Sort those issues out, and who knows  – perhaps you will grab the bull by the horns?


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