If you have wanted to start your own business for a while now, then you probably have a few plans in place. You might be working your job alongside another job, or just completely run the business from home. It might be getting bigger and bigger. But then comes the question we all want to know the answer to; when do I take my startup to the next level? You might already have employees that work for you, and they work remotely or are based in your office at home too. But more of a team and a busier business, will mean a lot more work and needing a lot more space. How do you know when you’re ready to take the leap to move your business out of your home and into an office?


Do you have clients or customers that you need meet with regularly? Before now, you might have met them for a lunch meeting or gone to their office or premises. But if meetings like this are becoming more and more prevalent, then it could definitely be time to move your business to an office of your own. Even if your business at home is turning over a lot of money and doing really well, having your own space makes the business much more credible. So that is certainly something to consider.

Are you needing to expand your team? If you are, then getting an office space is one of the best things that you can do. Not everyone is able to work remotely, or even wants to. So it opens up the potential for candidates massively. Like with clients, potential employees will take the business much more seriously if they work from an office address and have a ‘proper’ place of work to come to each day. When you start getting an office with a larger team, there are a few extra things to consider, though. You’ll need to think about proximity to catering possibly, as well as a small kitchenette area for the team to get drinks, store their lunch in a refrigerator and heat food in a microwave. You should also consider something like unitedunlimitedcleaning.com as you’ll need the offices and bathrooms cleaned at the end of each day. When you do move to an office, it means a lot of benefits. But it also means being responsible for the health and safety of the space too. Cityandguilds.com has more information on your responsibilities if you need it.

Ultimately, what it comes down to is how well you can expand your business if you are just doing it from home. If you are struggling to get it all done, then moving to a new office can help to make your more productive. Working from home can be great in a lot of ways. But it does also mean that you don’t leave your home behind and all of the distractions that are there. So take these things into consideration, and see if it is time to move to an office of your very own.

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