f you’re currently in a down period without a job, or if you’re struggling to cope with your current job and you want to find another one that suits your interests, then you’ve probably got some spare time on your hands and a void that needs filling. When you’re bouncing between jobs or waiting on contracts, there are a couple of things you can do to fill the gap and still be productive. The best way to fill that time is to actually learn some new skills.

If you want to improve your chances of landing a job in the future, then here are some indispensable skills that you can proudly put on your resume and help you ace your interview.


Driving Ability

If you’re going to apply for a job at a local or nearby location, then it pays to have the ability to drive. The reason for this is because many companies give their important employees and senior members company cars to help them get around to different locations, mostly for business purposes as well. It also helps if you study at a defensive driving traffic school online. Taking a defensive driving course cements your position as a serious candidate because it shows that you’re willing to take extra lessons to bolster your experience in a particular field.

Communication Skills

If you haven’t already studied proper communication skills, then it would pay to visit a website such as Lynda to learn a couple of business skills. Communication is incredibly important in any line of work because no business operates on single employees. Every business relies on having multiple employees work together to form a team, and if there’s a lack of communication then it reduces the overall efficiency of your workplace. This eventually leads to a falling out between team members, and those understandings can ruin a business.

Time Management

An efficient employee is one that is able to properly manage their time. Employers don’t like hiring members of staff that come with too many commitments outside of their work. They like new recruits that are fully committed to their career, or ones that are able to properly manage their time and balance their working life and personal life. If you feel like you’re always hurting for free time or that you don’t have much time to yourself, then consider a course in time management and put it proudly on your resume.


Learning to use the latest technology is always a boon when it comes to job searching. Start with basic technology such as computers. Learn how they work, how to use one (if you don’t know already) and make sure you learn to use basic software packages like Google Docs, Office 365 and Windows. If you’re a little out of the loop with technology, then learning to use a computer will not only improve your chances of getting a job, but it will also improve the way you work at home. In fact, you may even discover new skills that could lead to an entirely different career to what you expected.


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