Welcome back to MiddleMe and a start of a brand new week! Continuing where we left off last week on another 5 reasons why you should give yourself a bigger credit if you are working for yourself because you deserve it.

Impact of Failure
No impact is greater when you fail on your own business. Some will find failure harder to deal with when your business is so personal (after all you build something out of nothing with your bare hands). If you are working for a company, you probably will shrug the failure off your shoulders and take it as a mistake learnt, but for your own work, it has dire results like losing your clients or your customers giving you a bad word of mouth.


Many Hats
You wear many hats when you are working for yourself. You are the sales, the customer service, the operation and the accountant. You make up the rules, the procedures and the processes. All these decisions are extremely crucial and will impact your business, most importantly – your customers. Meanwhile, when you are an employee, you tend to carry only one role (unless you have the devil for a boss).

No Pat on the Back
You usually worked alone as a freelancer even if you are an entrepreneur and have a team, it does get lonely being right at the top. The only way you will ever be praised if when you see your profits growing, or you get a great review of your work, or your clients tell you so.


Kill the Procrastination
It is so easy to push back on what you need to accomplish today by saying “I’ll have all day tomorrow to do it.” or “Let me finish watching the next episode of Scandal before I start on the project.” It takes an enormous load of determination to stay focus and on goal. I know I have been tempted many times to just to put my feet up and have a cup of tea rather than to tackle my next writing assignment. If you work in a company, you won’t get such luxury because whatever task handed down by your boss, the deadline was like…yesterday.

No Guidance / No Feedback
Unlike in the corporate world, you don’t get an appraisal from your boss. The only boss you have is your clients, and it is way too late when they start dropping you like flies because your work is sloppy or not up to their expectations.

Do you have any more to add on? Comment away below!

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9 replies on “10 Reasons why Working for Yourself Deserves Bigger Recognition than Working for Someone Else (Part 2)

  1. hmm thats a reality check who are over-enthusiastic about taking up a freelancing.
    ofcourse it has its own pros and cons .. like kally , if people are hardworking ,smart and passionate things will be good.. 😉

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  2. You’ve more or less covered them with Part 1 and Part 2. Most people who work for others have absolutely no idea how cushy their situation is compared to the self-employed… Maybe the only real upside is the sense of fulfillment if you manage to steer the course and stay afloat 🙂

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  3. Generally working for yourself has its advantages as long as it yields you greater benefits and greater satisfactions. The responsibility is already with oneself. You make an excellent exposition of this working condition. A work that is worth reading from beginning to end.

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  4. Thank you it was really interesting!

    I have been through. after 25 years of working for multimillion pounds companies, one day I decided enough was enough, it was time for me to change myself around. I felt that something was missing. I wanted to start my own business and go holidays whenever I wanted to. I thought about it, for sometime, I went on and took a course in interior decorating, I graduated. I started to prepare everything I needed to start my business, I made them myself. I started to find my customers, After I realised it was the right time to be on my own, I handed in my resignation and I never looked back again.

    Life is great when you go to bed whenever time you want and wake up whenever time you want. My advice to young people out there who wants to turn their lives around, “Please do not wait to get lots of money to set yourself up, there are lots of things you can do that is cheap to set yourself up, get out and do it.”

    I did it with an old sewing machine, some fabrics, and there came “customers, one by one!” I am so happy today!

    Thank you middle me, love to read from you.

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