Guest Post: Unconventional Jobs

I met the lovely Kate aka CalmKate in the blogosphere and one day after reading my unconventional jobs article, she dropped me a comment about her own unconventional jobs. I invited her to share on both our platforms and resulted in the below beautiful poem by the talented Kate.

(ps. I don’t think I can ever pen down a poem to save my life…)

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 1.04.19 PM


As a youngster helped Aunt B at green grocery
but first real job was at Pyrmont 20
sold souvenirs, sandwiches and coffee aplenty.
Met passengers, crew, customs and maritime men.

Worked shift hours, often finished real late
Cross Pyrmont to catch Town Hall train my fate
Three months at the paper bag factory,
‘head’ of handle dept my claim to fame!

Off to the State Public Library, was a book freak.
A ‘librarianship’ I did seek.
Change of policy to train only men.
Big bank seemed inviting then.

Worked my way up through the ranks.
Head of savings then trading banks.
Only men could go further
Couldn’t get a mortgage cos I was ‘single’.

Travel option seemed the best show.
Overland to London I did go!
Nanny in Germany a while
Then wealthy ladies hair I helped style

Got a ‘temp’ job with a big shipping mob
Some photographic modelling for friends.
Then back home overland
In photographic sales I had a hand.

Receptionist and TV commercials for NBN 3.
Job with Michael Edgley’s mob for me.
The best boss, for youth work he set me free
Only left to get my degree!

Posted at the request of Kally, some of this is referred to in my earlier post “Ruminations of a Woman

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 1.09.26 PM.png
Kate Blake had a professional career helping the dying and those with trauma for decades.  An Aussie who has traveled extensively and resided in Germany, UK, NZ and India.  She took time out to conquer her destructive thoughts and emotions accidently unleashing her creativity so now she blogs and does freelance writing and photography, website.

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