Previously I have written about fantasy jobs that I wanted to try in my lifetime. This time round, I have written another fun post, I’m revealing some of the strangest jobs I had. These are jobs that I took on when I’m in between jobs, holiday jobs during schooling days and ad-hoc assignments for fun.


Space Filler

I’ve been hired by companies as a space filler. What’s that? Basically, my role is to pretend to be an employee for a period of time (usually for a few days) and act busy in the office. Often new companies who want to impress investors or clients will hire space fillers to give the impression that the office is busy and full.


Balloon Seller

Love this job! I used to do part-time at a small balloon speciality store during my school holidays where I assist customers to choose the right kind of balloons best suited for their parties. You can never imagine that there are so many different types of balloons, from colours to sizes to thickness. One thing I do know, people, coming in to look for balloons are never grouchy.


Liquor Promotor

I did a favour for a friend of mine. She wanted to try out as a liquor promoter in a pub, but she coerced me to join her for her first day at work so she could find her bearings. The role consists of promoting alcoholic drinks while making small talks with customers. No hanky-panky involved, the tips are excellent, and most of the time, the customers will buy you a drink or two. But it is not really for me, and I quit after 1 night while my friend continued to stay on for a couple of months.



I was sweet 17 when I scored myself a bar-tendering job at a small pub near my house. The bosses are really amazing people, and my colleagues are a lot older than me but very friendly. I was the ‘baby’ of the pub, and all the regular customers love me. Anyone who tried anything funny will be hauled out of the pub on their asses (not that it happened because none of them dares to). Love the job, but I had to resign because my late hours kept my parents worried every night.

AA Exhibitor

This is a one-off stint that I did for a favour of a good friend. His media company was hosting an event for the Automobile Association Singapore, and one of the hired models did not turn up. With a shortage of manpower aka eye candy, he called me in a panic, and I agreed to stand in for the model for a day. My task was to answer any simple questions, host a few simple games, mingle with the crowd and smile A LOT.

I have plenty more unconventional jobs that I took on in comparison to my peers, but that is the way I love it. I rather have an unusual and interesting career path than to hold on to the same position in the same industry because it is important to me that every minute of my life counts. Even those minutes at work.

What are your thoughts on the above? Have you ever had an unconventional job? Share with us in the comments below.

54 replies on “Unconventional Jobs that I Had

  1. When I was younger, I once worked in a photo factory, reviewing developed photos for quality control before they were placed in the envelopes and delivered to the customers at drug stores, etc. Really got an eyeful that I still can’t unsee, lol!

    Great post, Kally.

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    1. Wow! That must be an experience! I always wonder if people did send in photos of themselves in a compromising positions if it’s on film. Thanks for sharing that!!! Hehe!


  2. As others I never heard of space fillers either. I must be fun actually doing business as a space filler, like buying some property or selling the entire office. My strangest (holiday) job was cheese tuner. In this cheese factory cheeses that are riping must be turned every two days or so. After a week my wrists were double the size. The regulars were older dudes who all were kind of looney πŸ™‚

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    1. Oh wow! Cheese turners! Never knew such job exist since I thought they would just use machinery to turn the cheese. Thanks a lot for sharing your special holiday job!!

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  3. I had no idea offices used space fillers. That’s awesome. I think I’d be awesome at it lol. I love how open minded you are to have tried such different jobs!

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          1. Okay Kally I’d like to do that but we are having some bad weather here just now and I have a few changes going on in my life. So I will note this and get back to in about a week if that’s okay?

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          2. Happy to but don’t see a contact on your blog … I don’t do other social media. Will I just post it in the comments section here and you can delete it later? Or is it better I post it on my blog and link it back to this post?


  4. Back in the dark ages, college, I took a summer job as a night shift desk clerk in a seedy motel in Chicago. We had a list of policemen who got “special rates” from the owner. It was amusing.

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