Are you one of those people who finds it hard to look on the bright side of life? If so, there’s nothing wrong with that. Not everyone is programmed to be an optimist. However, positive thinking does have countless benefits. If you’re keen to become a glass-half-full person, here are some helpful tips.


Think about solutions rather than problems
Do you spend all your time analyzing issues at work or faults in your relationships? If so, try and focus your energy on identifying solutions, rather than dwelling on the problem. Are you conscious that you don’t spend enough time with your partner or have you got too much to get through at work? If so, consider ways you could manage your time more effectively. Could you ask your boss about working from home to save time on commuting twice a week or could you make more time for your other half? If you tackle problems head-on, they’re less likely to spiral out of control. You’ll also save time, and reduce anxiety.

Let other people’s positivity rub off on you
Are you surrounded by people who always see the good in every situation? Does their never-ending optimism grate on you? You don’t have to be smiley and full of the joys of spring all the time. But let a little of their positivity run off on you. It’s much easier to be a more positive person when you’re surrounded by people who give off good vibes. Try and swerve those who bring you down. It may take a little getting used to, but you may enjoy your new positive outlook.

Work towards goals
It’s very easy to get stuck in a rut, and setting goals is a great way of challenging yourself, and working towards self-improvement. If you’re spending all your time with the same people and you’re doing the same mundane things every day at work, make some changes. Take up a new hobby or consider getting a new job. If you don’t have anything to aim for, you’ll probably plod on and before you know it, months, even years will have passed. If you’re struggling for inspirations, search online for guides like Self Development Secrets articles. Be realistic with your goals. If they’re out of reach, this can cause you to lose patience and heart.

Be more grateful
When life is hectic, it’s easy to lose sight of what you’ve got. Take a minute to take stock of how lucky you are. No matter how bad your day at work has been, you’ve still got a lot to be thankful for. Yes, there will always be people who seem like they’re better off. But there will also be those who are much worse off. Try not to compare yourself to others, and understand that success is not always about how much you earn or what you have.

We’re all different, and some of us find it much more difficult to be positive than others. If it doesn’t come naturally to you, don’t assume that you can’t be a positive thinker. Take these tips on board, and try and adjust the way you think and react.

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31 replies on “Are You A Self-Confessed Pessimist? How To Become A Glass-Half-Full Person

  1. Good article! If you choose to be happy, you will find the positive in every situation. Someone once told me that if you find it hard to be positive, fake it till you make it. In other words, don’t take yourself so seriously, tomorrow is another day.

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  2. Reblogged this on michnavs and commented:
    This can be part of our new year’s resolution, that’s why i am sharing this..

    Sometimes even the ones wth the most positive outlook in life gets a little of the world’s negativity when confronted with really difficult situations..

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  3. I was an extremely negative person. One day I decided to go to a meditation class at a Buddhist temple and it changed my entire perception on life. I look back at my negativity and I wonder how did I survive being so negative for all those years. Great post

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