Hi MiddleMe Fans,

This is going to be my last written post for 2016 (not counting your twice weekly featured WeeklyWisdom) as I take a break with my loved ones and start my preparation for the new 2017.

2017 is going to be an exciting year for MiddleMe and myself as there are going to be new interesting introductions!

First up

I am finally reviving MiddleMe’s Facebook account by including not only my new articles but revisiting some of the archived articles as well as career related good news and announcements with effect on January. I want to make it easier for you to share those articles to those who need it, whether it is a “perk me up” weekly wisdom or a post that you think your boss should read it *hint hint*. So please join MiddleMe’s Facebook account by clicking here!


I have sneakily added in a new segment since last month where people anonymously tells their deepest darkest secrets that happened in their workplace. I have finally gotten a proper name for it, and the header of the article will be Whisper, just like Weekly Wisdom and Word of Advice. The key element of such article is not to shame or judge anyone but creating an outlet for those who wish to rant as well as to let those who found themselves in the same situation, that they are not alone. The same principles apply for both Whisper and Word of Advice: those requesting anonymity shall receive my strictest confidence. Emails that sent to me in those two categories are deleted from my account after each reply.

Number Three on the list

I know you subscribe to MiddleMe and get your daily fix through your emails. MiddleMe has been around for almost two years now, and I would like to give it a makeover. So in the month of January, you will see a coat of paint on the website. Feedback is welcome with open arms!

Next up

MiddleMe has always been on the lookout for contributors! If you have a career-related piece in your blog and would love me to feature you as a guest writer or if you want to write a new article on anything related to the theme of MiddleMe, you are more than welcome to drop me an email at kally@middleme.net. I will link your published post back to your blog.

PS. Riding on that, the travel website that I have my fingers in, LadyRedot is looking for contributors as well as free giveaway collaborations for your readers. For more details, just drop us an email at askus@ladyredot.com.


I am trying hard to make sure I have enough articles in storage for January and February. For those who have been faithfully reading every piece of my work, you will realise that I’m bound to go “Missing In Action” around the mid of January 2017! Yes, a tiny Kally is due in a month’s time. So kindly pardon me if I went out of action for no apparent reason as I struggle to transit a new role for the first time of my life. Scary and exciting!!!! But be assured that I won’t be gone missing for too long as I’ll sure miss surrounded by you encouraging and loving folks.


Okay, that concludes the end of 2016 last written post. Now I need to start to do all those stuff you crazy great parents do, like milk bottle shopping, cot assembly and hassling my doc to discuss my birth plan.

Ta-tah! Until the first Monday of 2017!

With Love & Take Care,


28 replies on “Signing Off 2016

  1. Love the belly picture too! Great plans for 2017.
    I wish you an easy delivery in good health for the both of you.
    Happy Holiday Season, will definitely connect with you again next year.
    Big hug, XxX

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! My former boss once said that a new life is always a blessing. I absolutely agree with her. Looking back on the day I held my firstborn. That’s the time I felt how much I’m needed. It was never the same since.

    Congratulations for this wonderful blessing, Kally! Thank you for making me remember that special moment in my life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your best wishes. Your former boss is absolutely right about that. Now I just have to wait for the little princess to make her appearance. Haha!


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