Someone this week has managed to irritate the hell out of me, which I must say it is not an easy feat to get me all emotional and riled up but then again, I’m a walking emo time bomb right now with a kicker in the tummy. I met someone new through a friend who introduced as someone who needs help in exploring the possibilities in his current business. Well, as usual, I don’t mind networking and assisting so I agreed to a luncheon.

That someone turned the luncheon into a miniature networking party, from a one-to-one kind of luncheon to a ten people gathering at his place. Well, I certainly couldn’t back out now so I figured out if I don’t like the atmosphere, I’ll just use tiredness as an excuse and waddle my way out of the situation. The whole set up is pleasant enough with everyone eager to mingle around and no one particularly is a wallflower or an oddball. Everyone is either a professional in their field or dabbling in some kind of business, I guess from the casual formal way they dressed. Then I was asked to introduce myself and the next question that came right at me, caught me off guard, “So I’m curious, just how much you do make annually as a freelancer?”


Not a question that you’ll expect from a stranger, not even from a friend. Do I go from “it’s really none of your business.” or “I can make millions if I want to.”? Ultimately, I settled for “it depends” and switched the subject to something else. But throughout the mini event, I was not spared. The questions are coming right at me with regards to how much I make, what do I do for a living, what is my job before that. I can almost see the vultures’ eyes sizing me up if I am worth their time to talk to. I get bored with their other parts of conversation where they started to compare the exotic places they went during this summer, complaining the raise of maintenance of their yachts (for goodness sake, if you can afford to keep a yacht, you can afford its maintenance!) and which overseas prestigious colleges they are going to send their children to Oxford or MIT? Erhmm… I almost had my pinky finger up when I sipped my glass of milk.

I don’t think this social circle is for me. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of friends who moved around in the exclusive circle of wealth and I have friends who are socialites or wealthy businessmen. I do rub shoulders with them from time to time, the rich, the influencers, the powerful. But I only keep those that worth my time in my phonebook.

Those who don’t determine your self-worth by how much you make or what do you do. Those who wants to hang out because of you being you. And those who remembers that it is my personality, my character that drawn them in, rather than my invisible range of Hèrme bags or Jimmy Choos. Those that I value their friendships, their experiences, what they have taught me in the business world that I sometimes lack in and of course, a free peek into their lavish extravagant lifestyles once in awhile.


I have learned this from them. A truly wealthy person does not flaunt their true wealth nor compare with others in terms of assets, in order to feel rich and powerful; in other words, to justify their status and self-worthiness. In fact, a contented, happy man is just as wealthy as the billionaire who dresses down, loves street food as much as I do and would rather hang out at my place playing Plants vs Zombies on my PlayStation 4 than to throw a party in his mansion for the fifth time in a month. He rather be treated as one of the lads than to be admired for the amount in his bank account.

As I swallowed my last sip of the drink, I gingerly made my way out of the party and back home. I wouldn’t say it was a waste of time. True, I didn’t get much out of this networking session because I am not into the hobby of name card collection. True, the cheese and sandwiches platter leaves much to desire (especially to a pregnant lady). But my greatest take back would be this affirmation that I don’t need to be earning millions to feel like a millionaire. Because I’m already carrying the most priceless gift in me.

Have a Happy Friday!

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38 replies on “Your Self Worth is not Determined by How Much You Make

  1. Cacthing up again and this last one is one….I like all your posts Kally, but this one is just marvelous! Hope your mini-middle-me is growing happily inside of you and all goes well? Big hug, XxX

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  2. Hey first of all congratulations mum-to-be!!!
    I like your post very much basically because it feels so me…it is really difficult to stick around people overly curious about your whereabouts…i detest’em. take care Kally.

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  3. Hi Kally – This post is so on POINT and I truly appreciate you writing it! I am not one who enjoy small talk or too many “networking” events, due to crap like this. Like yourself, I would much rather have a deep conversation with someone whom I find interesting as a person rather than what the heck they do…which most of the time is what they also hate. LOL! Great post! I enjoyed this one very much. I also want to say Congratulations to you and yours for your new buddle of joy you have safe and warm inside of you. How wonderful and what a blessing!

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    1. Awwww.. Thank you so much for your blessings and best wishes, Cheryl. Like yourself, I don’t believe in shallow networking. Deeper conversations bring people with the same mindsets together.

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