Yay! MiddleMe is now entering 10 months and still growing bit by bit with the help and support from you endearing folks.

Every time, I reveal a little personal about myself in each post, my thoughts, my advice, I felt I have given a little part of myself and receive a huge load of encouragement from you.

Ahh.. That’s why Kally’s been so busy with..

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 11.18.07 PM

Today, I’m going to announce another growth of me. I have launched a new website called LadyRedot.com. This came about when I receive so many inquiries about my travels to China and how you all wanted to see more pictures of food and my adventures. MiddleMe is a platform centralized mainly about careers and how you can improve yourself in the workforce while LadyRedot will be showcasing a more personal side of me and my adventures throughout the globe.

If you have always like how I have given useful tips, motivation and sometimes chuckled you, LadyRedot will be more of that, I promise! An additional to LadyRedot is a partnership with an amazing friend of mine, Irene who will be sharing her travel stories too.

You will get to read amazing travels that I had (and still doing) to China, Malaysia, and Europe like Austria (love the cakes!), Germany (can’t fault the sausages), France (city of romance) and Netherlands (sceneries to die for!). If I have not been in your country (and I’ll love to!), one day, I shall step foot in your soil. Meanwhile, as much as I’ll love to write about your country but you are the expert so…

LadyRedot is now open to guest posts and collaboration with MiddleMe’s loyal readers. If you want exposure for your website or simply want to share your travel tales, drop me an email either at Kally@MiddleMe.com or Kally@LadyRedot.com. All are welcome!

So whether you want to know more about me or you always love what I’ve written or you love traveling, come and drop by LadyRedot a visit. Remember to subscribe to receive updates and of course, to read more articles from a different perspective of mine!

ps. Can’t wait to receive comments from you! I know your words even an emoticon brightens my day.

28 replies on “Dashing into 10 months!

    1. Thank you, Miriam!! It’s been a hectic and exhausting month for me. I’m setting up a travel website so I have more excuses to travel and take a break! Haha!

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  1. Kallyyyy i just love reading your blogs! Surely visiting ladyRedot too. I would love to share my travel tales there as well. Ps visit karachi someday, (it’s all about food here haha) Would love to meet you too! Love, Afshan . πŸ™‚


  2. Wishing you the best with LadyRedot.. Kally, life is so marvelous! I’ve been watching you, I’m totally amazed at how so much energy, can be bundled into such a small package. You inspire all of us, with your get up and go attitude.

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    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement, Leland!! I feel that it is the readers here that gives me the energy to go and do more great work.


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