Last Friday was Earth’s day and even you are stuck in your tiny airless cubicle, you can help to do your bit for our Mother Earth.

Recycled Your Papers
Instead of trashing your used paper into a bin underneath your feet, turn over and use the other blank side for scribbling and note-taking. If it is a confidential document, you probably want to shred it and not trash it.

Talk to HR
Talk to your bosses and HR on how they can implement a recyclable method to remove and send all shredded and paper trash to a recycling company. Doing your bit for the globe is a great positive feeling!


Drink from a Bottle
Invest in a good thermal flask for your coffee and a good water bottle for drinking water, instead of using paper cups as well as glasses. You will reduce the need to keep washing the glasses as you keep refilling your bottle.

Shut Down Your Machines
Instead of leaving your computer and your wireless mouse on for the night or grasp! for the weekend. Please remember to shut them down to reduce the power running.

Check if you are the last man down
If you are working late into the night, check if you are the last to leave. I used to make sure that all office’s lights are shut off before I go off. A good practice too, because I once found a colleague slumped in his cubicle due to over tiredness. He had fainted and if I hadn’t done my rounds before I go home, he might have still been in his seat until next morning.


Recycle the stationary
I know a lot of people just throw their used pens away when they could have disposed of them in a recycle bin. Same goes for a lot of the stationary could have been collected from anyone who leaves the company so these items can be redeployed to the next employee.

Stop using Post-It Notes
Instead of using paper Post-It Notes (I am guilty of this as well), try to use electronic reminders instead. Using your e-calendar or the Notes on your computer work pretty well for a lot of people. Reduce using post it notes so less trashing is needed. If need be, try to buy those recycled post it notes.

Use Recyclable Batteries
For those who love their wireless mouse and keyboard and yes, I’m talking particularly about Apple Wireless Mouse and Keyboard because they drain my batteries much quicker than any of my other brands’ wireless devices. It’s great that now the Apple Wireless Mouse comes with lighting port for charging instead of me changing batteries every month. And do not forget to switch off your wireless devices to save batteries!

hands-600497_960_720Say No to Plastics
If you are taking away your lunch from the cafeteria, bring along your own lunch box to store the food. Or better still, eat and mingle with your colleagues during lunchtime in the cafeteria instead of eating alone in your cubicle.

Use e-filing
If possible, don’t print out that email. Use e-filing or sort your documents and emails into a digital server to share with your department. Use digital signatures instead of printing out contracts to sign.ย 

Do you have any suggestions to share on how we can save the earth from our seats? Don’t be shy, come and share inย our comments below!

12 replies on “Earth’s Day and how you can save Gaia from your cubicle

  1. Hello little one! I have my two cents to put in though that I do what I do because? I hate waste period not necessarily for mother earth. Here is my contribution. Since I left the USA I have been living in boxes. Oh? Not out of boxes but? I use the boxes that are usually thrown away and make my furniture. I cover them. I find some type of top. Usually some discarded top from other people’s broken tables. Putting on top of my covered box and? There you have it! A dining or living or night-table to get my company to smile & compliment my creativity! I do the same with all kinds of empty containers. My pencil holders, my paper holders, my book-cases–my flower-pots? All my creations from things that people just throw away. Quite a nifty hobby to save your cash. I hardly throw anything away and I refuse to drink or eat out of plastic dishes but? My dishes? Mostly discards from somebody that decides to buy something better because one plate in the set has a little chip. O well? The plate is still lovely & usable and it looks good on my box table! Hahaha! HalleluYah! My name blog is in better shape now. Have some good stuff in it. Lots are happening in my spiritual journey and? I am finally living in my dreamed roof apartment. Today marks my first month since I moved in! All going up & up! Check me out– His love in my heart for you and for all, thiaBasilia

    His love in my heart for all! thia/Basilia


  2. I’m glad you found your fainted colleague that time. It could have been very scary (not to mention embarrassing) for him to have woken up alone in a locked building late night.


  3. Apart from Patty’s suggestion – not always feasible, depending on where you live – you’ve covered them all. I’d lapse into chaos without post-it notes, so I’ll look and see if I find recycled ones!


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