31 things that You shouldn’t be upset at work

There are things that make you pretty upset or pissed off even at work. The below list is what I have gather from my 20 odd years of experiences that I have learnt to let it go and not to be overly upset. It is hard when your work represent who you are but sometimes it is not within your control and you need to blow off the steam and look the other way. Or take it by the stride and improve. I’m still learning, by the way…

1. When your work get ignored by management

2. When the ideas you put up gets shot down for no reason

3. Your colleagues forgot to ask you to join them for lunch

file62212632457274. Nobody tells you about that important meeting and made you missed it

5. Someone gossip untruths about you

6. Your boss ignores your opinions in the meeting

7. Your client refused to talk to you and asked for someone else instead.

8. Your boss asked you to buck up in your performance even though yours is at the top of your department

9. You did the right thing but get reprimanded for it

10. Your management chooses someone incompetent to be promoted

11. Your management plays the hierarchy card on you

12. You thought he is your friend when your colleague backstabs you

13. You thought your team had your back but they threw you under the bus

14. You are called back from your leave to resolve a simple problem

15. Someone used your cup without asking and left it on your desk, unwashed

startup-594091_64016. Someone borrowed your calculator and conveniently misplace it thrice in this month

17. You have done all you can but it is still not good enough

18. The janitor shuts down all the power leaving you, alone, in the building at your desk, rushing to complete your work

19. Your boss said something in confidence and made you not to tell anyone else, ends up announcing it to the whole world next minute

20. Someone took credit for your work

21. Your boss dismissed your effort after working on a project overnight for him

22. Your boss refused to listen to your explanation and prefer to side with someone else

23. You are cornered to do something against your beliefs

24. Someone took the sandwich you left in the fridge for tonight’s overtime without asking.

the-business-man-713327_64025. When someone think your ideas suck and give you one million and one reasons that don’t make sense

26. When your management chooses to invest in a bootlicker than a hard worker

27. Your staff maliciously gossip behind your back

28. When someone attacks my team just because our results are better than theirs

29. When I fail to protect my staff from everything I did what I could

30. When one of my staff did something wrong and choose to hide it from me, instead of being honest

31. When one of my staff undermines my decision and chose the wrong path morally

So what are the things you are most upset about at work? Share with us at the comments below.

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  1. ashokbhatia says:

    If one may add: The Agricultural Approach: When the idea gets shot down, and pops up after six months as The Boss’ Idea!

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    1. Kally says:

      You’re super positive! I like!

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  2. Nazmin says:

    Omg I relate to so many of these!

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    1. Kally says:

      Awwww.. Hope you didn’t get too upset about..


      1. Nazmin says:

        I try not to ha!

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  3. 1stpeaksteve says:

    I am experiencing a very odd mixture of some of these things on your list and it all came up the past month. I moved to a different property to help my friend. My friends title never changed. Yet, he constantly refers to himself as the department head and gave himself the title he believes he has on his LinkedIn page.

    Our management styles are completely different. I like to change and update things and he is focused singularly on his day to day tasks. He shot down my ideas to update some forms and I created something and skipped him and sent it to upper management and they loved it.

    So at work, we just do small things and chit chat. Then over the past month, his girlfriend has been chatting with my wife and saying things like my work performance is terrible and I need to move back to the old property. I had to take this to H.R. because it is harassing and if I am doing something he does not like; he needs to address it directly to me.

    Should be an interesting time when I return to work on Friday.

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    1. Kally says:

      Do update us what happened last Friday. I do hope your friend didn’t gave you too much of a hard time. It is natural to have different management style and different approach of doing things. It is wiser to accept and learn from each other, after all no one is perfect.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Yes, plagiarism is everywhere. It very difficult when most the people who have boss no more the boss.
    The bosses job is to hire people who are better skilled and educated, by doing there own work, or they use a shell bought degree, so the boss can take credit. So a good boss hires good people! That is the big part of being a boss. In highly competive accademic field, They can use you, acuse you, and push you work harder until you burn out. The people that gossip, are there to stay. The more they isolate you, the more work you do. But if boss is like you, then that is the job for you. If they need you, they will threaten you with a bad recommendation, if they want to get rid of you, you will get a good recommendation, in some cases. Nobody is alone. a lot of places, if you one person like you, it can be nice. This happens on every level in every department. The plagiarism internet is going to be easier to prove. You need to emotionally form you own support group. Someone some where is going to enoegh money to photograph and expose the plagiarizer. We still need to find away a to fix it. We need more middle me people.

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    1. Kally says:

      You are very wise indeed! Thank you for sharing your wisdom.


  5. equinoxio21 says:

    A very thorough list. The most common are 20. and 26.
    (And I would guess that bad management is responsible for 90% of all your points. What are you going to do about it?) ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Now not all is rotten in the kingdom of (corporate) Denmark.
    What are the 30 best moments at work?


  6. gloriaarmit says:


    Enviado desde mi iPhone

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    1. Kally says:


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  7. ianWaters2 says:

    This list is on point… I was grinning the whole time reading it.


  8. The job reminded me of family. When your a widow and the outsider and your sons mother in law married older man. They up man ship. Since they live in her hometown, they talk everyday, the whole family just snub you and talk about all things they get too do because they are the real people.


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