Every month on the 7th as I report my journey, it never fails to amaze myself how much support I get and how I manage to write so much! Now easily with over 200 articles, MiddleMe has moved on to diversify itself to bring more value and insight to our readers.

First up, if you have noticed, recently we have Eva introducing healthy office snacks to us. We are going to have David to show us how to do simple workouts at your desk. I have tried it and it works! So look out for his article next week! If you have any inspiration for a guest post in MiddleMe and you would love to contribute, I welcome you to drop in your ideas at kally@MiddleMe.net.


Secondly, I have my very own LinkedIn account! I admit I did set up a while ago but I did not update it until recently. So if you like to know about me and understand my experiences before the birth of MiddleMe, follow me on LinkedIn! I will be posting some of the selected MiddleMe posts in there as well. You can find me here: https://sg.linkedin.com/in/kallytay.

Finally, I have some collaboration of my own too! The extremely talented Jerry Marbott has interviewed me here and shared my ideologies with his readers. And for those who can’t get enough of my kitties, Sunny, and Matcha, they get a page here on How They Met! All thanks to Marc and Katzenworld.


Trivia Time

I love the idea of Paying It Forward. I always believe that knowledge should be taught and shared with others, keeping yourself and your knowledge exclusive is both selfish and ignorant.

I have also been busy not only with MiddleMe but my projects and freelancing. Like I have mentioned before, I do turn down offers that are not suitable for me or when I am sure I can’t give the best in that particular task. It is always been quality or nothing. And because my clients trust my work, more than often, they asked to recommend someone else who is capable of handling the task.

One idea popped into my head one sweltering afternoon. Why not marry the two? I’ll like to extend this to all my readers as many of you are freelancers. I’ll like to keep an offsite logbook of freelancers who believes in quality work over quantity, who is passionate about the work they produce and present to clients whom I think is the right match. So instead of turning away my clients when I can’t cater to them, I love to share them with you! Just like the word ‘share’, it means I don’t want any fees from you.

You’ll need to observe:

– If you freelance and you have an account in any of the freelancing platforms, send me via email Kally@MiddleMe.net the link to your profiles, a Skype account to reach out to you when there is an opportunity and a link to your blog as well.

– I would like to protect my readers (means you!) as well as the clients I introduced hence a third party freelancing platform that mediates payment would be protection for both parties.

– To keep it simple, I will not be involved in the payment or the work terms. Just a mere introduction. Think of it as a bridge. I don’t guarantee work nor payment as well.

– Think of this like a friend introducing work to another friend. Hence, please don’t chase me or hate me if the arrangement doesn’t work out.

– I specialize in these work hence most of my clients will be looking around in this area. If you are freelancing in these areas, it would mean you stand a higher chance of me looking out for you.

Share your thoughts with me. Do you think this will work?

20 replies on “9 Months Journey

      1. Hi again, Kally! Would you be interested in composing a short guest post on something to do with happiness or public libraries in your part of the world for my blog?


    1. Awwww… Thank you!! They are very lovely and extremely patient with the new addition in our family. I can imagine their ears must hurt (even mine does) when my little princess screamed her head off.

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