Spur on by palfitness’s questions, I suppose most people are having problems selling yourself to clients or making yourself attractive to clients. The first step you will need to do is to beautify your profile.

There are plenty of articles out there to teach you on how to do up your LinkedIn account and your resume. As a freelancer, your resources are quite a pittance. But what you can do is to is to look at what others are offering. Do a comparison between you and the high sellers. Select those that offers the same range of services that you offer.

Images make a lot of differences. A good image speaks a thousand words and creates a much more lasting impression than pure words. Hence, it is important to have a good professional headshot available and as well as pictures of your offered services of required.

Don’t sell yourself short by being humble, your clients need to know what are your related background. I won’t hire someone who confessed that they are new at web designing when I can hire someone else at the same price from someone who has many years of experience as a web designer.

But don’t make up stuff that is not true. Don’t lie about being an expert at WordPress when the only WordPress blog you have managed is your own. Your lies will catch up with you in the work you produce.

board-928386_640Services Offered
Talking about experience, let’s talk about the services you are offering. Before you declared to the whole world you don’t have a skill or you have only one skill, look at the categories that the freelancing platforms offered. Try to integrate your services according to what you do best and what you love. Love to read? Offer proofreading services. Love to blog? Be a writer. Love to travel? Be a tour guide at your country.

Before you go all high and mighty, thinking that you should charge whatever your current or ex-employers used to pay you, think again. You are competing with all the folks in the world who have loads of time on their hands and a laptop. You are competing with students, professionals even companies that offer services at a shockingly low price. Same thing goes if your fellow competitors are offering to write an article at $1 per 1000 words, are you able to charge $10? If you don’t wish to lower yourself to that pricing, reconsider if freelancing is for you. However, don’t offer your services at such a low rate that works you to death. It’s all about balance.

If you want to stand out, find your own niche and your unique selling point. There are a lot of people selling what you are selling so what makes you special? What is it with you that people should trust your work?

In other words, look at yourself as a product on the shelf.

I hope the above tips helped any new freelancers who are venturing the muddy waters out there. If you required a tailored one to one assistance, I’m happy to offer career consultation here.

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30 replies on “How to Sell Yourself Online

  1. Good one. As a freelance content writer, I think for me the biggest challenge is the pricing. I mean I am a content writer since 2009 and I never faced this problem before, but in the past couple of years too many amateur writers have sprung up offering rock bottom prices that hurts my business, but I usually stick to my rates. After all, some clients do understand the difference between a $1 content and $10 content.

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    1. It’s the same with so many jobs. Language training and translating for starters, but as you say, some clients do understand that you have to pay if you expect quality. You might find yourself in a situation in which it could be a good idea to decrease you rates by just a tiny percentage and make sure your clients realise they’re getting a 5 or 10% discount “for special clients”

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  2. For me it’s a ‘no no’ when people tell/write they have already 30 years experience. You can drive a car for 3o years and still be a bad driver. Experience doesn’t mean much to me; passion and certificates of qualification tell me more πŸ˜‰

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  3. Kally: Thank you for the obvious love you have for YOUR FELLOW MAN and dedication to it. To GET we have to GIVE! And I have no doubt this Universal Law will manifest itself in your success

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  4. Great article and very motivating. I am not a freelancer but blogging is very similar. All of your points are valid and especially the one about finding your niche.


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