31 replies on “Weekly Wisdom 23 February

  1. It’s so true. I am reading up a little about universe these days. And from all the years of progress mankind has made, we can say that we know not even tip of hair amount of info about the universe.

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    1. As they say:”it’s a mystery out there.” I always suspect there might be a doppelgänger of mine in another planet out there and that’s a pretty scary thought!


  2. Conversely, the number of people who are not informed enough to realize just how little they actually know and understand, is a major problem.

    The more I learn, the stupider I feel. :o) Not to mention the cascade effect, i.e.

    “Oh! That’s very interesting. Now I need to read this, and this, and this, oh, and that, and those… ad infinitum.”

    Who has time to eat? ;o)

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  3. This is so true – Life is an education, life is like an exam paper where we are all taking our individual life exams, some we pass and some we fail…but we definitely learn from those experiences in life where we fail (well, we should anyway!), take care.

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