Why AI can Easily Replace Designers?

In recent months, automation and artificial intelligence has been on centre stage as AI-generated art flooded many major art sites and sparked a debate on its impacts on artists and graphic designers. The work of these AI programs is comparable to professional work, and it can be hard to tell the difference between works made by graphic designers.

For graphic designers, the presence of AI is a threat to their livelihood and a concern regarding plagiarized designs. While their fear is valid, AI has several characteristics that make them an ideal alternative to designers, and they are as follows:

1. Instant Content Personalisation

When a person meets a new individual, they tend to make assumptions about that person based on what they see and their behaviour. Graphic designers need to look into countless pieces of data to develop the right design for a specific customer base; often, it cannot appeal to other types of audiences. New designs should be created if the business wants to appeal to different audiences or tailor their graphics to a specific individual.

AI also checks these data, but it can personalize various images to suit all types of individuals and deliver them to them at the right time.

2. Creates Variations Easily

Before a designer can create variations, they will take time to create one pattern before they can create deviations from that single pattern. If the client uses different mediums to promote their business, designers must adjust the graphics to match it.

But, with AI, it will only need to see a pattern and create multiple variations almost immediately to suit where it is used.

3. Quick To Deliver Content

It has been noted above that it will take a lot of time for designers to create even one graphic because of factors like studying their client’s data and developing variations to support where it will be used. If there are any issues with the design, it may take more time to get it revised.

But with AI, it can quickly analyze the data provided by the client and process the best design to match what is needed. And as mentioned above, it can even create varieties of a design in one go.

Here are a list of outstanding AI design platforms

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands uses AI to generate custom logos, business cards, and other branding materials for small businesses. Users input their business name and preferences, and the platform generates a range of design options for them to choose from.


This is another AI-powered logo design platform that uses machine learning algorithms to generate custom logos for businesses. Users input their industry, style preferences, and other details, and the platform generates a range of logo options for them to choose from.


This is an AI-powered design platform that offers a range of design services, including logo design, business card design, and website design. The platform uses AI to match users with designers who have relevant expertise and experience.


An AI-powered photo editing app that uses machine learning algorithms to transform photos and videos into works of art. The app offers a range of filters and effects that users can apply to their images to create unique and visually stunning designs.


Figma is a collaborative design tool that uses AI to help designers create UI/UX designs more efficiently. The platform offers features like auto-layout, smart selection, and design libraries that can help speed up the design process.


An AI-powered graphic design platform that uses machine learning algorithms to generate custom graphics and illustrations for businesses. Users input their requirements, and the platform generates a range of design options to choose from.

Autodesk Dreamcatcher

This is an AI-powered design tool that helps designers create optimized structures for 3D printing and other manufacturing processes. The platform uses generative design algorithms to create complex structures that are strong, lightweight, and efficient.


Pikazo is an AI-powered art app that uses machine learning algorithms to transform photos into digital paintings. The app offers a range of filters and effects that users can apply to their images to create unique and visually striking designs.

Adobe Sensei

Backed by a household name brand, Adobe Sensei is an AI and machine learning platform that is integrated into many of Adobe’s creative software tools, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Sensei offers a range of features and tools to help designers and creatives work more efficiently and effectively.


Another popular platform that gets everyone talking is DeepArt.io. It is an AI-powered art generator that uses neural networks to transform photos into works of art. Users can upload their own photos and choose from a range of artistic styles to apply to their images.

Autodesk Generative Design

Autodesk Generative Design is a cloud-based design tool that uses AI and machine learning algorithms to help designers create optimized structures and components. The platform can generate hundreds of design options based on user requirements and constraints.

Runway ML

This is an AI-powered tool that enables designers and creatives to experiment with machine learning algorithms and generate unique designs and visuals. The platform offers a range of pre-trained models and tools for users to work with.

Design Wizard

A business-friendly Design Wizard is an AI-powered graphic design tool that uses machine learning algorithms to generate custom designs for businesses. The platform offers a range of templates and design elements that users can customize to create branded graphics and visuals.

With the constant development of technology, it is undeniable that AI will play a significant role in many industries, and it is here to stay. In the case of graphic design, AI can be a good alternative if businesses cannot afford graphic designers and are just starting in the industry. If you are a graphic designer, you shouldn’t immediately fear AI considering its limitations. You should find ways to apply it in your current work to create new types of art that can help with any project available. Even if AI becomes too good at content generation in the future, there is still something magical about having a piece that truly has a soul that a person can alter the image.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. BluntPathway says:

    I have been seeing a lot of posts about AI, this one👍.

    Yes I am afraid of being replaced by AI.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have experimented with the new AI feature in WordPress. It has good qualities, and it has not so good qualities. The generated pictures it produces looks nice, but there’s just something missing. Technology is good, but there’s nothing like something being created by someone with their own thoughts, hands, mind, and creativity. Robots cannot express feelings in what it creates, because someone created it. Use it, but don’t depend on it. Thanks for sharing. Very informative and interesting information about Artificial Intelligence. Have a great week.


  3. Invisibly Me says:

    It’s amazing and really disconcerting at the same time, isn’t it? Thanks for listing the different AI software examples as I had no idea what people are actually using for AI creations. My ex is a graphic designer and I mentioned on the phone to him a couple of weeks ago that a piece of art won a big competition recently, before it was discovered that the art was actually created by AI! He seemed a bit defensive on the topic and said there’s no way AI could take over humans designing and creating for businesses. I wouldn’t be so sure. I think the potential for reducing the workforce is there, and at such tough times like this, that’s not going to be a good thing. Fascination for sure, but not great for humans and workers. Fab post!

    Caz xx


  4. C.A. Post says:

    However, when a decision reeeeally counts, an intelligent human must still make the call, because AI only uses algorithms and does not “feel” the need. See the movie, I Robot, with Will Smith for how AI can make mistakes while making its “right decision.”
    The more people depend on AI, the less they will be equipped to make the decisions that count. Just as the demise of the slide rule eliminated the need for understanding multiplication, division and functions such as exponents, roots, logarithms, and trigonometry, so AI dependence will eliminate the need for understanding complex issues for many people.
    “Every human solution only creates more complex problems.” c.a.post


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