The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on HR

Artificial intelligence has been making airwaves recently as tech companies are releasing innovations using it to improve business operations. Some of these innovations are focused on Human Resources since they are the department that deals with potential and current employees daily. But how does artificial intelligence aid the HR department? Here is a short list…

Why AI Can Never Replace Writers

In recent months, automated artificial intelligence has been in the news as several AI programs showed how easy it is for these technologies to replicate content. From CG art, videos showcasing deepfakes to top-notch essays, there is an AI program that can create these content at par with works done by artists and writers alike….

Why Big Businesses are Looking to Work with Deepfakes

Out of all the major sources of information today, videos rank as the preferred source for many people. Videos can compress information into a short clip and present it in an interesting way. However, videos used for businesses can be costly to produce because you need to get the right camera equipment, hire actors, find…

Why AI can Easily Replace Designers?

In recent months, automation and artificial intelligence has been on centre stage as AI-generated art flooded many major art sites and sparked a debate on its impacts on artists and graphic designers. The work of these AI programs is comparable to professional work, and it can be hard to tell the difference between works made…

Top 5 of the Fastest-Growing Industries in the World

Every day, the world changes and demands for new goods and services are increasing. To counter this demand, new sectors are now popping up to take them in. But, which of these new sectors are fast growing worldwide?