6 Remote Work Tips You Need to Stay Productive in 2023

Remote work has now become a norm for many companies and businesses worldwide. The pandemic accelerated its inclusion into the work culture, and most employees fell in love with its benefits. However, remote work does have its cons which can affect one’s productivity and satisfaction.

If you are doing remote work full-time in 2023 or part-time, have no fear. There are various ways for you to improve your remote work experience, and here are some tips we recommend you try out:

1. Know When You Are Most Productive

Every person differs when it comes to when they are most productive and how they can be very effective. Because of this, it is crucial that you know when you are most productive and schedule your remote work around it.

If your most productive time is during the afternoon and you have a morning work schedule, start with small tasks before doing the immense workload you may have.

2. Know When To Log Out Of Work

It is always best to separate your work life from your personal life since this will help you manage your stress more and get the rest you need to handle work. But, since you work remotely, the line between personal and work life is significantly blurred.

Fortunately, you can achieve work-life balance by logging off from your work platform after your work schedule. This will help you stay productive and prevent burning out because of work.

3. Avoid Video Meeting Fatigue

Remote work is always synonymous with video meetings through Zoom and other similar platforms. However, it can get too stressful for some people if it happens every day. Some also find it hard to deal with remote work because it causes them to be disconnected from their colleagues.

With this in mind, it is best to ask if you can communicate with the team through phone calls or even have time to visit the team in person. You can also schedule a meet-up with your team in nearby cafes or restaurants so you can get to know them outside of work.

4. Take A Break, And Don’t Cut Down The Time

Taking breaks can help you stay productive and help with your overall well-being. Taking them at the right time can also help you reduce stress and the risk of burning out. But make sure to take a break without cutting down on the time so you can have enough rest before you get back to work.

5. Set Rules For Family Members

Since you are working at home, it is best to speak to your family members regarding when they can disturb you during your work. You can also seek the help of a helper to take care of your children while you work.

6. Ask For Feedback

Ask your colleagues or team leader for regular feedback, especially if this is your first time working remotely or you are new. This will help you know what to improve with your work setup and resolve any issues you may be unaware of affecting your work.

Remote work is here to stay whether you love or hate it and will be a constant for most jobs. If you want to improve your performance, don’t hesitate to try these tips above and create the best strategy for your remote work experience. Once you have the plan in place, remote work will be easier to handle, no matter how complex your tasks are.

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  1. bekitschig says:

    So true Kally! May I add
    dress properly &
    don’t forget to exercise if you sit on your bum most days 🙂


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