Why Does My Resume Keep Getting Rejected

When you apply for a job, you may find yourself getting rejection notices or ignored applications time and time again. While this situation is not uncommon given the competition for most positions in the market, it can be bewildering if it seems like your applications are getting nowhere, even if you provided all the information employers need to see in your resume.

Here are 4 possible reasons why your resume keeps getting ignored or rejected and how to improve it:

You are only listing responsibilities in the work experience sector and do not include the achievements

Job-seekers often believe that recruiters want to see what responsibilities they can handle to show that they can handle the position they are applying for. However, recruiters know that these responsibilities will be similar to other job openings for the same position. If they see that you only listed the responsibilities you did for that position, they will say that there’s nothing special with your application.

Adding your achievements will help recruiters see that you can do a better job in the position you are applying for.

You use one resume for all the applications you make

It is also common for job-seekers to get their resume rejected because they use the same resume for all the applications they make for any position. Many companies nowadays use an Applicant Tracking System which filters through the applications they receive. It will immediately reject the ones that don’t have the right keywords that will note that they are applying for the right position and they have the skills necessary.

With this in mind, it is essential to review the job description again and tailor the resume accordingly to highlight the right experiences that make you the right candidate for the position. You should also ensure that the grammar is perfect since the ATS may also be programmed to take note of grammar errors in applications.

The social media accounts listed in your resume have inappropriate content

Nowadays, social media accounts are reviewed by recruiters to see the character of the applicant. If they see anything questionable in the account, it can be a reason for them to deny the application. Some job applicants tend to forget this fact, do not check their social media accounts in advance, and remove any inappropriate content that can be seen as offensive or controversial.

Before putting any social media account in your resume, review the account in question and remove any questionable content to protect your chances of getting the position.

The resume is filled with typos and grammar errors

Your resume may be rejected constantly because you never paid to check your resume for grammar errors and typos. A perfectly written resume with no typos will show that you are professional and that your resume is easy to read.

Take some time to read your resume to check the errors in your resume. You can also ask someone to read your resume since they may be able to see any awkward wording. Whether you are a new employee or an experienced one, getting your resume rejected can negatively affect your confidence. However, there are ways to prevent this if you take the time to review your resume before submitting it again.

Check the points above to see if they apply to your situation and take the recommended steps to improve it. Once you make the necessary changes will improve your chances of getting the job you truly want to apply for.

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