Ways to Boost Employee Motivation after Downsizing

During the pandemic, every company and organisation had to face a variety of challenges, and one of them was downsizing. The downsizing can either be done in one go or in batches, which can cause distress and even anger in their employees, both those who got laid off and those who were left behind.

Those not included in the downsizing will definitely show signs of physical, emotional and mental stress that will affect their work and morale. As their team leader or boss, what can you do to motivate your employees after downsizing is done?

Here are some ways how you can do it despite the challenges your company, business and organisation are still facing:

Speak To Your Employees

Some employees can react aggressively towards their bosses or employers when they feel like they are let out of the discussions regarding significant decisions such as downsizing and retrenchment. However, if you speak to your employees and explain the situation and why you decided in the first place, they will be more open to working with you to find a solution that will get things back on track.

Recognise The Impact Of Your Actions

When you talk to your employees about your current situation, let them know that you are aware that your decision has caused added work for the remaining employees, and they will feel more stressed in the process. Once you know you are aware, tell them what actions you are taking to help them adjust to the changes, lessen their stress and succeed. You should also make it a priority to try eliminating any duties that are not necessary for employees to assume if it is not under their specialisation.

Equip Them With Education And Training

As mentioned above, your remaining employees will have to shoulder the workload of their laid-off colleagues when a layoff is ordered. If you cannot create a fair strategy for unattended work and responsibility, you may end up causing burnout. Take your time to transition to your new work strategy and help your staff prepare for it by giving them training and education opportunities that will allow them to handle their new job responsibilities. Let them know that you support their career goals and will help them with whatever they need to succeed.

Be Gracious

Thank your employees for trying their best and for understanding your current business situation. It is not an easy journey for all, but if you let them know you appreciate them, it will lighten their mood even a little bit and be more open to cooperating with you to improve the work situation for all.

No one wants to order a downsizing of their workforce if they can help it. However, when it happens, it is best to show your employees that you are doing your best to alleviate the impacts brought by the downsizing and achieve a semblance of normalcy in the workplace. While not all will be satisfied with your actions, if you make an effort, it can kickstart the process to recovery.

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