3 Tips For Warming Up Old Business Leads

If you work for a business that operates by getting leads, you know how important it is to nurture those leads in the hopes that they will eventually turn into sales or clients. However, it’s very common for leads not to lead anywhere. But just because things aren’t panning out with a specific lead right now doesn’t mean that things won’t fall into place in the future. The trick here is knowing how to warm those leads back up and get the conversation started once more.

To help you see how this can be done for your business, here are three tips for warming up old business leads. 

Start With An Email

For most situations, the best and more successful way to reach back out to a lead that’s gone cold is with an email. An email is a great way to get back in contact in a non-invasive way and help get you back into the mind of the person you’re speaking with. 

When you send this email, make sure you don’t jump right to asking them if they’re interested in what you’re selling. Rather, come from a place of wanting to help them with the solutions that you’re offering if they’re in a position to want and need that kind of help right now. From there, you can move more into the space of selling.

Make Your Intentions Clear

If you come in hot with another proposition after you haven’t communicated with this lead for some time, you’re very unlikely to have much success here. This is because people don’t like feeling like they are just a sale. Instead, try to err on the side of not selling enough to help make your intentions clear about why you’re reaching out. 

Especially if you know there is something coming up for the future of your business that could be very beneficial to this lead, it could be very worth your while to reach out in advance to build some rapport again. This way, when you’re ready to start talking more concretely about selling them something, you have a relationship to build off of. 

Offer Them Something Of Value

As a good change of pace from all the other sales contacts this person or company has, one thing you can do to set yourself apart from everyone else reaching out to warm up old leads is to offer them something of value to them without asking for anything in return. 

To be able to do this, you’ll want to have something of value that you can give them, like helpful content that’s normally behind a paywall or other deals and incentives for your products or services. If you can get them to take something from you in this way, there’s a much better chance that they’ll want to buy something more from you in the future. 

If you’re needing to warm up some of your old business leads, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you do this successfully. 

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  1. Malinda says:

    Thank you for these helpful tips! I’m going to try sending some emails and see what happens.


  2. Sometimes it is nearly impossible to revive an old business however if you try wlcan be difficult but worth it…

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  3. Keith says:

    Kally, good advice. Your last one has a lot of merit, but I would add to give them something of value that is very brief and can be read quickly. Very few people will open up an attachment or link, plus their company security software may block content. In the text, give a “tip of the day” or “tip of the week” that offers a piece of information. Make it a short paragraph or statement but with a nice little takeaway. It could be common-sensical like “Opportunity is missed as it is often dressed up as hard work” or it could be financial like “Warren Buffett, one of the richest people in the world, recommends people invest in indexed funds, dollar average invest and leave the money alone.” Keith


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