How to Turn Your Knowledge into a Consulting Business

At some point in our career, people will approach us about our work experience and skills. Some of your colleagues may even come to you to check things over before it is forwarded to the team leader for final approval. There may even be someone who will pay you to be their consultant.

No matter which one of these scenarios happens to you, you may have thought of opening a consulting service to help others whenever it happens. But, how can you do it?

Here’s how you can transform your knowledge into a consulting business:

Know Your Expertise First And Offer A Trial Run

Before you get into a consulting business in full swing, you need to make sure you are 100% familiar with your expertise and can provide sound advice to people who will consult. At the start, make it a point to check which expertise you can offer and offer your services for free to see what you can improve on your consulting style and if your advice did work. Get these people to give you a review after they have tried your services, and they may even recommend you to other companies who may need your help.

Get Some Training To Support Your Expertise

While you see yourself as an expert in “your” field, being a professional consultant will require more than just this expertise. You need to be able to speak to various types of people regularly, identify problems for different companies and provide the right advice or service to help them. You can develop your skills with extra training, and you should also know the other business aspects of owning and running a consultancy firm, like handling finances.

Know Which Industries Will Need Your Services

Not all industries will require consultants to help them achieve their targets. Some industries requiring consultancy services include finance, human resources, business management, technology and marketing. You can try to offer your services to other sectors if you are able to find ways on how your services can help them.

Create The Program And Your Payment Plans

Once you get some experience, create your consulting program and its payment plan. Knowing the price of your service is also why you need to know what expertise you can offer to companies and what it can do for them. If your expertise can help companies hit their first million in six months, you can definitely charge a higher price for your services.

When it comes to the program, you have to figure out if it will be a one-off session or a continuous consulting program. For one-off sessions, you can have a set price for it. Meanwhile, if you are helping them achieve a long-term goal, you can request a retainer and get paid regularly.

Create Your Promotional Materials!

Like any other business, you must have promotional materials that will help you promote your consulting service. Be detailed regarding your consulting services in your promotional materials so people will know what to expect once they reach out to you. You can also cite your experience and the reviews you have gotten from previous clients in these materials.

You can also market yourself through various online channels like a website, blog or even a newsletter. Writing a more brief version of your marketing pitch for these channels is best, so users don’t have to scroll down a lot to read everything.

Use Your Content For Brand Marketing

You should also show your expertise online by creating content that is related to it. With your content, it will allow clients to have a glimpse of your consulting style and build trust. For clients to support a business or brand, they must see your expertise in the field you plan to join.

When starting any business, you are opening new doors for yourself regarding how you work and who to work with. However, if you wish to succeed, you need to research and ensure you can deliver the right services. Check our guide above to help you get started, and I wish you good luck!

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  1. C.A. Post says:

    Hi, Kally.
    Wish I had read this about 20 years ago when I started my construction business; would have done consulting instead of contracting. But I did have fun with my company’s projects, but probably would have fared better with a consulting biz, instead.
    In any case, who would hire a teen-age girl like the one pictured in the blog?? 😁
    She would have to establish herself online first with enough blogs and information to show that she knows what she is talking about! 😉
    (p.s. you are as lovely as you are wise!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kally says:

      Thank you, dear C.A. Post. Who knows that the teen-age girl may turn out to be a middle aged woman that just happen to have good genes? Lol. Have a great day!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. newwhitebear says:

    Very interesting is how to sell one’s professional competence and obtain economic benefits.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kally says:

      Thank you so much and I hope you are having a lovely restful weekend.

      Liked by 1 person

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