Do Appearance and Attitude Matter in An Interview

Did you get a call for a job interview for the position you applied for? If that is a yes, congratulations! You are a step closer to your goal of getting hired for the position you are hoping for.

While preparing for the big day, you might wonder if your appearance and attitude can influence the interview’s outcome. Many job interview preparation guides always have a special section about these two points and tips on how to prepare yourself. But why do they matter?

This article looks into why your appearance and attitude matter during your job interview:

Why Does Appearance Matter

When you arrive at your job interview, the employer will check your appearance to build their first impression about you outside your resume. Your appearance can also tell the employer the following things, which can influence their decision about you:

Sense Of Judgment

Your appearance during the interview can help employers see your judgment skills. If you are applying for a professional job in a corporation, wearing casual clothing will make employers think that you do not know what the standards are expected from you and cannot read the situation around you correctly.


Dressing up accordingly for the interview, and work, later on isn’t just to appear professional. It also gives people the perception that you understand that work has a set of standards you need to follow, even if it is not directly mentioned or written. Dressing up also shows that you respect your superiors and your clients.

Well Prepared

One tip I like to give recruits is to research what their future colleagues are wearing. Mirroring their outfits gives a sense of belonging in the company and instantly gives the hiring manager the impression that you fit right in. So if the future company is all about jeans and tee, you can dress it up slightly with a formal jacket to go with the jeans and tee to say, “Hey, I know your company’s dressing is casual, but I’d like to level it up because I am attending an interview with you.” However, if you wear a tailored suit to the same company, your dress sense is overkilled.


Sorting out your appearance for the interview can also boost your confidence, allowing you to focus better on the task and get you in the right mindset. If you also look good, you have a high chance of showing off your best performance.


Dressing up for the interview shows you are serious about the job and respect your potential employers. It also shows that you understand the work culture and can blend in well with the rest of the team.

Why Does Attitude Matter

Meanwhile, showcasing the right attitude during a job interview can significantly improve your chances of getting the job. Employers do not just want an employee who can dress well and have the credentials to back them up; they also want employees who are easy to work with and have the right attitude for the job.

Here are also other points why attitude matters during the interview:

Right Fit For The Company

During job interviews, employers will want to see if you are the right fit for the job through your skills and attitude. Some studies show that people with the right attitudes have a higher chance of performing well and displaying their skills than those with negative attitudes. The interviews can also help employers weed out those not qualified for the position and those they consider to have the wrong mindset for the job.

Capability To Get Along With Others

One’s attitude can also determine if one can get along with others. Teamwork is integral to the company’s productivity and performance in many industries. If you show during the interview a disagreeable attitude, you may be passed over for the position.

Job interviews can also show employers a reflection of an applicant’s emotional state. If you have a negative attitude, you may be the type of person who will blame others for your poor performance and be frustrated with the company.


One’s behaviour can also tell employers what you think about the company and if you are a person with a sense of loyalty. If you present a defensive stance, especially when asked about your previous work history, it can suggest you hold grudges, which can spill into your new job. Job seekers with a positive attitude and have nothing bad to say about their last boss can bring the same vibes to their new workplace and be loyal to the company.


As a job applicant, you must remember that you still need to convince your potential employer that you are the one for the job during a job interview. Even if you have a stellar resume, if you appear unkempt and act high and mighty, you only give them the wrong signals. Before you head to your interview, ensure you are ready in both mind and body to give your potential employers more reasons to consider your application.

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  1. I’ve often been accused of over-dressing for an interview. But the way I look at it is I’ve one shot at impressing a potential employer and I can always take the tie off. An interview is a command performance and if you’re serious about get the job, you’ll do everything to get it,


  2. good post Kalli!
    LIk it or not. oit all matters!


  3. Keith says:

    YES. This is like a first date. What do you want to portray?


  4. newwhitebear says:

    How many useful tips you always offer.


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