10 Ways to Research a Company

Whether you are researching for a company to apply for or received an offer but not sure if you will go for it, taking time to do research can help immensely in the decision making process. After you sort out your application or review the offer, it is time to check if the company is the right fit for you and your career. 

But, how can you research a company to help you decide if you wish to work for them or not?

Here are 10 ways to research a company so you can make that critical decision that will guide your career: 

1. Know What Type of Company You Wish to Work For

Before you start researching the company, you should first identify what type of company you wish to work for. Do you want to work for a startup? An established company? Check which type of company fits perfectly for you and your work ethic. 

2. Set Some Time for Research

Research will take a lot of time, and if you want to learn about a company in-depth, you need to have time to review all the materials available about the company. Set some time in your daily schedule to study one part of the company every day. 

Don’t just limit your research online. Network with those that are from the same industry or the same company. They will provide some useful insights about your future company.

3. Review the Website

The best place to start your research about the company is by checking their website extensively. Look for the company’s vision and mission to see if it matches your values and workspace preference. A company website can also tell you if the company is prospering or not by checking if it is constantly updated. 

4. Check the Company Culture

Aside from learning the company’s vision, mission and overall health, you need to understand what kind of company culture it offers. You can ask your contacts, especially those currently working in the company, to give you some insight. 

5. Search for their press releases

A company’s press releases can help you understand what the company wants the public to know concerning their achievements and successes. But don’t forget checking out their failures as well. A good company will have good turnaround solutions to mitigate bad presses and how they recover from the bad PR.

6. Look for the Benefits Offered by the Company to Employees

Companies often list down employee benefits to attract potential talents to apply for them. Check what is being offered in the job posting, or check if the company’s website has an area dedicated to its employees and potential applicants to help you know what benefits you can expect.  

7. Read Online Reviews

If you want to learn more about a company, you should ask those who work or have worked for the company. Check sites like Glassdoor or even social media groups to see what current and past employees think about the company. It will also help you know what kind of work environment you may find yourself in and the company’s weaknesses that you need to be aware of. 

8. Check Out the Company’s Competition

You can also learn about a company by checking its competition since it can say a lot about how a company runs. Once you identify one or two main competitors, check how they are fairing and see how your prospective employer is fairing against them. It can also let you know if the company you are researching about will stay around for longer or they are struggling to stay afloat. 

9. Review the Profile of Business/Company’s Leaders

Every company has a group of leaders who set its culture and identify the goals it will pursue. Make it a point to see which are the most influential leaders in the company and check their socials, LinkedIn pages and other resources speaking about them.

This will help you determine if they are the leaders you wish to learn from and if they will be supportive of your career goals while working under them. 

10. Check news and events related to the company

Whether you are considering a small business or a large company, there is a chance that they will be featured in the news in some way. Look for these resources to see how they are seen in the community or if they have experienced troubles in the past. 


Determining if a company is the best fit for you can make or break your career. If you have done your research and decided that working for the company will help you reach your career goals, then you are a step closer to success.

If you didn’t do your research, you are putting yourself at risk of getting into a company that is poorly fitted to you and disabling you from reaching your dreams. So, don’t hesitate to make time for research because it will surely make your work life easier!

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  1. justblog07 says:

    This one is certainly helpful while joining new firm.👍

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      1. justblog07 says:

        My pleasure 🙏🤗🤗

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    1. Kally says:

      Thank you!


    1. Kally says:

      Thanks for sharing, Ned!


  2. Sheree says:

    I always used to get to the interview early and strike up a conversation with the receptionist. Likewise, when recruiting, I’d ask the receptionist for feedback on candidates.


    1. Kally says:

      Thank you so much. I am glad you find the article useful.

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  3. Jaya Avendel says:

    What an awesome list of tips! Thoroughly researching a company is as important as thoroughly researching a college; something I happen to be doing right now. Both are big decisions that will forever affect us . . .


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