Do’s and Dont’s to Protect Your Privacy as a Job Hunter

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to jump into a search engine, find a job opening and apply if you find one. There are even tools for job seekers and hiring managers to utilise to make everything more efficient.

However, there are now reports circulating about people who have been scammed by fake hiring managers whom they met online. Some of them had to pay thousands of dollars in the belief it would streamline their applications, while others were led to jobs that were not the ones they originally applied for.

Fortunately, there are ways you can apply in your job search to keep you and your information safe. Here are some dos and don’ts you should always consider before doing a job hunt online:

Only Contact A Trusted Employer

There are thousands of job listings online that may catch your interest. But, before applying, make sure that the hiring company is someone legitimate, trusted and well-known.

Please research the company hiring, from their profile, contact details and address. You should also check reviews about the company to see what people are saying about them.

If you get a job offer or interview invite, don’t immediately say yes and do your research first. You should also avoid saying yes to companies reaching out to you using personal emails or social media instead of their company emails. They may be posing as legitimate hiring managers to scam you. 

Always Read The Job Posting Carefully

Before pressing the apply button in any job opening, read the job posting carefully from its title to its content. Scammers tend to use misleading descriptions and false promises to catch unsuspecting applicants. If the pay and benefits sound too good to be true, you should ignore them.

You should also be careful when reading interview invites because some may reach out to you through social media, and others may even use tactics to say that you qualified for a position.

By doing research, you will be able to avoid these scams.

Post On Social Media Smartly

Contrary to popular belief, companies check potential applicants’ social media pages when checking their applications. They use these pages to gauge the applicant’s personality and behaviour, especially in key issues and situations. If they see posts that are against their standards, they could be a reason to deny your application.

Before applying, do your best to fix your security settings in your social media and be careful with what you share in your network. You should also review your past posts and remove those that may be questionable for hiring managers.

Keep A Log Of Applications

When you finally clinch a job, it is best to remove your resume from the job boards you used. Scammers may steal your resume to reach out to you or use it for their schemes.

Make sure to list down where you applied and when you get a job, go back to the job boards you used and remove your resume.

Only Apply Through Secure Platforms And Job Sites

You should always do your best to send your applications using secure and known job platforms like LinkedIn, JobStreet and ZipRecruiter. These sites ensure that both job hunters and hiring managers are safe in using their services, utilizing the latest security to prevent spyware, malware and hackers from getting data. False sites may make your computer vulnerable to attacks, especially if you click certain links.

If you wish to know if you are on a safe site, check the URL and see if it starts with “HTTPS”, and there is a closed padlock icon beside the URL. You can also check online reviews for job boards to see which ones are safe. These sites will also allow you to adjust your privacy, and you can control what information hiring managers can see when they see your profile for the first time.

Protect Yourself

Job hunting should be done carefully for it to be successful. Aside from researching the best position, you will need to protect the information you will share to stop scammers from using it for their benefit. Make sure to read these tips before you apply because it will help make your job hunt secure and efficient.

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  1. Very good post. There are legitimate companies out there offering legitimate commission jobs, but those companies take the resumes of people who have applied for other jobs for other companies and start calling those applicants for jobs at their company. Not sure if this practice is legitimate or a breach of privacy on the part of the job hunter.

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  2. It is sad that now people are scamming others online batting them with important thing as job opportunity so now those people with nothing pay with little they have just for nothing… that’s sad 😢 indeed!

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  3. A beautiful post thank you so much

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  4. newwhitebear says:

    a great post. Smile

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  5. capost2k says:

    Bottom line: Do NOT send money until you know to whom it is going; preferably via a face-to-face meeting. Even then, why would anyone PAY to ‘streamline’ an application? If an employer asks for this, cover your tracks as you exit!

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