5 Key Questions to Ask Yourself When You’re Struggling to Grow Your Business

Starting a business is not easy. Every year, there will be news saying that companies had to close down for various reasons. However, there is also news of businesses recovering from challenges, inspiring others to do the same for their companies.

When a person opens a business, they are mostly running on emotions and excitement. But, they will slowly experience the reality of work, which may affect their morale and disable them from pushing forward.

If this is your current state now and you want to save your business, here are the questions you should ask yourself to refocus your mindset:

Why Did You Start Your Business?

When beginning a business, you must have a clear vision about what you want your business to pursue and where you want it to go. Once the company starts, these visions are often forgotten.

Thinking back at your vision can help you remember the first few months and rekindle your excitement about your business. It will also help inspire you to keep pushing forward.

Am I Seeing The Problems Right?

Every business will experience problems and challenges that will help it grow. You will need to overcome them to decide what’s best for your business. But, if you keep thinking about the negatives of the problem, you will end up making the wrong decisions for your business. Analyze the situation first and find ways to improve and put the business back on track.

What Are Our Strengths?

Businesses have their strengths and weaknesses, which helps them plan accordingly when challenges come to the forefront. Ask yourself what is your strength and your business’s strength and outsource if needed. Focus on your strengths to get the results you need.

Is Something Holding Us Back?

Fear can overpower us if we let it overwhelm us. Every business person or entrepreneur feels it, and some often find themselves being held back by fear, disabling them from making the right decisions for their business. When we let go of these fears, we will be able to refocus once more. Please speak to your colleagues about it and find ways to fight back that fear.

Am I Focusing on the Things that Matter?

Your business will continue to change as it grows. Your position will change, your audiences will change, and many more. Take time to step back and check whether you focus on the practical activities that make the most impact. If you aren’t, look at the activities that will matter and do the other things you were doing before later.

Be Ready..

Facing challenges is expected in business, and it can throw you off course if you let it get to you. Before you face the challenge head-on, take a short pause and reevaluate the situation before you. When you can reassess the situation and refocus our attention to the things that matter, we will get back on track and redirect our business to the right way.


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  1. ecohorizons says:

    Yes , there is a concept in Japanese called Ikigai ( reason for living ) where your mission ( purpose ) interests with your profession ( what you are good at ) and meets with your vocation ( what you get paid for doing ) while doing what you love as a passion…
    Ikigai translates more into reason for being and making a living with what gives you joy and a meaning in life while you do your job in a good way …


  2. Thank you for sharing this valuable information. This is important to know. Have a blessed evening, and stay safe.


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