With the pandemic preventing face-to-face interviews, most video interviews are now being done for job seekers and employers to meet and conduct the interviews.

Since the interviews will be done online, there is a perception that you only need to wear a decent top to these interviews since the interviewer won’t see your entire body. It also won’t matter where you are and how messy your place is. However, if you want to make a good and lasting impression during your video interview, you can do it through the clothes you are wearing for the interview.

We have seen funny videos where someone is recorded wearing something inappropriate or committing wardrobe malfunction or just stood up, forgetting they are not wearing any bottoms! Don’t be that person!

Here is what you should remember when picking the clothes for your zoom interview:

Wear What You Will Wear In An Interview

Much like a face-to-face interview, employers will check everything they see when determining if a person is the one they are looking for.

This means they will check your appearance and what you are wearing during the interview, even in a video interview. If you are scheduled for a video interview, wear what you will wear to an interview from top to bottom and be yourself.

Don’t Wear Black

When doing a video interview, it is possible that you don’t appear in high definition to the employer because of your laptop camera’s quality.

Some laptop cameras cannot detail folds, seams and texture from black clothing, which is why you may end up looking like a floating head on top of a black block.

Don’t Focus On Bright Colours

Aside from black, you should not wear very bright colours like red, white and orange. Cameras often adjust the exposure of its subject, especially the face.

If you are wearing something bright, like white, the camera might make your top glow to the point your face isn’t discernible, especially if you are in a well-lit location. Red and orange, meanwhile, can create a haze effect and bleed through the entire screen.

Muted Colours And Simple Accessories Work Well

If you want to appear good and feature yourself well during video interviews, wear something that won’t distract the employer. You can wear a muted or pastel coloured top that doesn’t have a pattern or design, so the focus is on you rather than your clothes. If you want to accessorise, make sure that it doesn’t look too extravagant or eye-catching, and it must match your clothes.

Fix Your Camera And Background

Before your interview, make sure that your camera is angled correctly so that you can look at the camera straight on and at eye level. This will create an effect that you are confident and appear professional during the interview. You should also make sure that your background isn’t too distracting and clash horribly with your clothing to create a significant effect.


These tips above are just some of the things you need to remember while preparing for your zoom interview. Your clothes can tell a lot about a person, and you need to look your best if you want to get that dream position you are waiting for. So, check your closet before doing your video interview to see what’s there and wear the one that will show you are the one they are looking for.

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17 replies on “What to Wear for a Zoom Interview

  1. Thanks for this article! Zoom interviews can be tricky. It’s good to do a camera test on Zoom with just yourself in the Zoom call. Colors in real life appear a different shade on camera. Also, be aware that the internet lags for some people. You may be finished talking, but if the other person takes a while to answer (so it looks like the other person is still listening while you’re just sitting there), it’s because they are catching up to what you just said.

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