Many interview questions sound simple enough to answer, but they can catch you off-guard. But, none is trickier to answer than the question, “Why should I hire you?”

In a nutshell, the question asks you if you are the person the company is looking for. However, answering this must be done with careful consideration because you may sound indecisive or desperate for the position if you haven’t prepared to answer this prior to the interview.

To help you answer this question confidently, here are some great tips for you to follow:

Know What Is Needed By The Company

Before any interview, you must always do your research about the company you are hoping to work for. By checking their website, you will determine what kind of employee the company is looking for and what work culture they have. You should also pay close attention to the job description for the skills applicants should have to be considered for the position.

Design Your Answer Based On The Qualities They Are Looking For

Once you have done your research, use the details as a guide to tailor your answer to the question.

For example, suppose you are applying for a managerial position. In that case, you can point out your experience in the position and the qualities you have liked being a team leader and taskmaster.

List Down The Traits Or Skills You Know Other Candidates Can’t Provide

While designing your answer to include the qualities and skills you possess that makes you the perfect candidate, you can also look into your skill set to see which ones other candidates can’t confidently do. Using the example above, aside from discussing your managerial experience, you can add that you can handle administrative work and work under pressure.

Offer A Solution To A Problem Which Led Them To Look For Candidates Like You

You can also answer the question by providing solutions to the problem that led to the company opening the job for candidates like you.

For example, suppose you saw that they had technical difficulties in their recent updates and opened the job for a technical analyst. In that case, you can point out what solutions can prevent those technical difficulties from affecting the business.

Practice Your Answer

Once you have all the details ready and you know how to answer them, it’s essential that you practice answering the question. You can do this by asking someone to act as the hiring manager, or you can do it in front of the mirror. With practice, you will be able to answer this question confidently and correct the way you respond.


Interviews are done to determine if you have what it takes to be hired in the offered position. So, before your interview, prepare yourself and identify the qualities and skills they are looking for.

Remember, you are trying to sell yourself, and you need to convince them that you are the man they are looking for. If you come in well-prepared, you will be able to confidently answer this tricky question and give them the reason to hire you on the spot.

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20 replies on “Answer That Interview Question: Why Should I Hire You

  1. “Because if you don’t, I’ll burn your house down” – that’s one answer that doesn’t work.
    “Because if you don’t, your wife is going to disappear” – the employer stared at me for a moment then said ‘Can I get that in writing?”

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  2. I understand the “why” behind this question, but nevertheless I still find it to be a patronizing question. I think the best way to shut it down, is by Offering them A solution to a problem, which led them to look for candidate such as yourself.

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  3. I can see why framing your answer around how you can solve a problem potential employers face would be a good idea. It shows you not only researched them, but that you’re already thinking about how to be a contributing member of the team rather than just about the paycheck.


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