Insider knowledge: How To Prepare And Smash An Executive Job Interview


When it comes to hunting out an executive role, you have to understand that the jobs are limited, but the demand is fierce. The higher up the career ladder you go, the harsher the competition is to land the dream executive roles like CFO, Managing Director or Operations executives, just to name a few. Of course, you may be solely right for that role, having gained the experience necessary to do the job. But, none of it would be any good if you don’t land yourself an interview and more importantly smash it. So I thought it would be worth sharing with you some insider knowledge to help you do just that.

Time to take a long hard look at your resume

It may sound cliche, but honestly, your resume is the first impression you may get to make to a potential new employer, and it is more important than ever when it comes to executive roles and directorships. Spend time articulating your attributes and experience. Ensure that you cover all of your experience, job roles, and duties. It may sound painstakingly boring, considering you may already have a high powered executive position, but it could be your only chance to land the next big career move. If you want help writing your chief financial officer resume or help to sell yourself in opening paragraphs or covering letters, then enlist the help of a company that offers that very service. It could be worthwhile to get your foot through the door.

It’s time to shelve the self-critic in you

Honestly, some of the people in the toughest and most demanding jobs can be their own worst self-critic in regards to their level of achievement and industry experience. It’s time to shelve that inner voice if you want to smash the interview. Instead, find a fine line between being confident in your ability and humble. The last thing you want to be is the polar opposite of self-critical and be too confident. It can be perceived as obnoxious and pretentious. Qualities many potential employers are not looking for.

Do plenty of research on the potential job and company

The interview is your time to shine and showcasing how much you have prepared for the job is an excellent way to do it. A great tip is to prepare a plan of action for your first 90 days in the job. In effect, that is the first three months, and it can show your dedication as well as your skills. Just like the US president documents their first 100 days in office, it shows initiative and commitment to the role.

Consider your tone of voice and personal presentation

Finally, the last thing to consider would be your personal presentation and your tone of voice. Dressing smart and appropriately for the job role is essential. You may also want to consider your use of words and even potentially have answers prepared in advance for some of the most common questions you may be asked.

I hope this insider knowledge helps you obtain that executive role you have been dreaming of.

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