How to Balance Working Two Jobs at Once

With prices of goods and services increasing, our current pay may not be enough to pay off all our bills and expenses. To alleviate this problem, some take on part-time jobs on top of their full-time job. However, taking on an extra job can be stressful and get you in trouble in the long run if you can’t manage it perfectly.

If you need to work on two jobs or currently have one but having a problem managing it, here are some great tips to follow to balance them efficiently:

Pick The Best Second Job

If you consider getting a second job, make sure that the job you will get is something you have the right skill set for, and it will pay you higher than the minimum wage. Freelancing can also work wonders because it can reimburse you more per hour.

Have A Schedule

While working on two jobs, you will compromise the quality of your work performance. To prevent this, make it a point to do a schedule to manage both your jobs efficiently. Make the schedule before the start of the week and chart out when you will do your second job, chores, and hangouts with your family and friends.

Manage Your Budget

If you have a second job, you will have extra funds to help you with your financial targets. However, you need to manage your spending and budget not to spend the extra money you are making. If you think you are not making enough to achieve your financial goals with your expenses taken into account, you may need to consider if your second job is still worth it or not.

Don’t Forget To Take A Break

When you work two jobs, you will be using your extra hours to keep up with your second job. As a result, you might lose time to give yourself a breather from your full-time job. Like any other job, you should always give yourself enough time to sleep and take a break once in a while. This will help you focus better and stay healthy. If not, you may end up failing spectacularly in doing well in either one of the jobs you have now.

Don’t Fail In Your First Job

It would be best to ensure that even though you are taking on a second job, your performance in your full-time job is not compromised. It is also important that your second job doesn’t go against the interests of your full-time job, and you are allowed to take a second job. Some companies do not allow employees to work second jobs.

If you are considering taking a second job, check if you can do so and make sure your managers know of it. You should also focus more on your first job because it offers the benefits and a larger paycheck compared to your second job.


There’s nothing wrong with considering finding a second job to manage your expenses and secure you financially in the future. However, you need to make sure that you can balance it properly, so your work performance doesn’t become compromised. Try out the tips above to help you manage it better, and you will slowly see some improvement in the way you handle your jobs.

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  1. I am a Mother, and usually handle several “jobs” at once, so it is nothing new. Now if only I could be paid what I am worth!

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  2. inspirechief says:

    Excellent tips. Thank you for sharing. Managing your budget is one to focus on. Too many times people spend the extra money instead of paying down debt. Take care. Scott

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  3. Dragthepen says:

    Very good read. I’ve been running between two jobs for years, but I been thinking it’s time to stop and figure how to live on a budget and work one job and have more productive time for self.

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  4. Alev Abla says:

    Güzel tespit .👍😊👏👏

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  5. capost2k says:

    These are excellent advice for when a second job is needed or desired. However, I would add one caveat: Consider whether you really need that second job. There may be times in our economies that one must work to pay the rent or eat. However, if the second job is in order to afford a fancier restaurant or newer clothes or bigger apartment, one must weigh the value of the second job against what one expects to gain from it.
    The love of money is still the root of a lot of evil: 1 Timothy 6:10.
    Thanx for your excellent blogs, Kally, c.a.

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  6. And don’t forget to check the tax laws. Over here, you can earn 450 euro’s a month on a second job tax free. Above that, you will have to pay extra taxes.


  7. Good advice! I’m always daunted by the idea of finding that vital breathing space between two jobs. At present, one seems sufficient, but there may come a time when I’ll need to make that juggling act.


    1. Kally says:

      Thanks for sharing this out


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