When you get interviewed for a job, you definitely will be asked the question “why do you want to work here?” by the interviewer. This question can be very tricky to answer as the question will highlight your interest and desire to work for the organization you are applying for. It is also worded in various ways to catch the unprepared off guard.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to answer this question, and here they are below:

Do Your Research

One of the significant reasons recruiters ask this question is to find out how much you know about the company. Their ideal candidate should be both aware of the company but knows very well what the company is all about. Check the company’s website and use what you read to formulate your answers. Please write it down and practice using it to answer the question.

List Down The Things You Know About The Company

List down what you know about the company and how you will help through the job opening. Even though the question is formulated to look like they are asking you about your stance, don’t be fooled because it will always be about the company and what you can offer to them.

Show Your Vision And Mission

Many candidates put themselves at a disadvantage when asked about their values and culture through this specific question. A candidate must express their lifelong dream, work ethic and values, and use their skills to deliver to be perfect for the job. List down your skills, vision and mission and show that you will boost the company’s performance if they hire you.

Be Updated With The Company’s Milestones

Aside from knowing the company’s history and people, you need to know what’s been going on with them recently. Please read up on their latest press releases and news to see what is happening with the company. Knowing this and applying it to the answer will show that you know what you can offer to the company and are ready to assist in the company’s changes.

Show Why You Love The Job

Finally, you should list your career objectives and see how the position will help you with your career. As you answer the question, list down the things you saw on the job posting that works hand-in-hand with your career goals and show which tasks will blend well with your skills.


There isn’t a right or wrong answer for this question, but you must show what you intend with the position and what you know about the company you are applying for. You must show that you selected the company because it aligns perfectly with your values and goals, unlike other companies also offering the same position.

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21 replies on “Answer That Interview Question: Why Do You Want to Work Here?

  1. Ver sage advice, Kally – and it works. In the second half of my career, at an interview, I would offer to do a presentation on how I would lead the organisation (and the respective communities) into the future. This would either be welcomed positively (leading to a job offer), or not so much as I “scared the pants off them 🤣” Either way, doing your homework re the company you want to be with is a must.

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  2. Knowing about an Organization is very important but not all recruiters place an emphasis on this. But yes, we can show how we can help in taking a team or a group forward through our vision and our skills.

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