Dearest Kally,

Your stories have nothing but kindness and inspiration in them. I often look forward in reading advices that you given others. Your advice are always spot on. I thought you have want to have a go at mine. 

I am a retired doctor, not into any kind of specialty, just general medicine. Blessed my life, I have been healthy in all my years and I managed to earn enough to have a good retirement. The recent events as you would know has caused shortage of medical staff.

I felt compelled to come out of my retirement and step back into the medical world. I’ve made a few calls to my ex workplace and to my ex-colleagues. I managed to get a few volunteer spots for a couple of weeks. Nothing too strenuous because I am already in my 80s. 

Now my children and grandchildren found out what I have been up to. Nevertheless, they are NOT HAPPY. They held an intervention in my house, threatening me, coercing, blackmail, pleading for me to stop volunteering and to stay at home because I belong to the high risk group. I keep arguing with them that helping others is my calling. All knowledge but nowhere to use them – I feel so useless for so many years. 

After the unpleasant intervention, half of my children and grandchildren are not talking to me anymore. The other half of them take turns to call me everyday to persuade me to stay at home. One even went as far to puncture all 4 of my tyres! He is my favourite grandson. 

What should I do? On one hand, I’m miserable staying at home, not able to do my national duty to my country, watching my fellow countrymen suffer and die while I’m at home, comfortably drinking tea in front of the fireplace. But on the other hand, I am miserable watching my loved ones worried and fight over this decision of mine. Either way, I’m considered selfish. 

It is alright if you don’t have an answer for me. Just take an old man ranting in a prison created by my family! 

Miserably yours,
William F.

Hi William,  

I truly admire your passion and dedication to your profession as well as the love for your country and fellow men/women. Such selfless person is a rarity in this world! You reminded me of firefighters – when everyone came running out of the burning house, a firefighter will run into one. 

Your children and grandchildren, on the other hand, do have valid concerns and reasons wanting you to stay at home as much as possible to prevent risk of exposure. You, of all people don’t need me to stress how dangerous it can be if you are to contact Covid-19. 

Perhaps you and your loved ones can meet in the middle? One where you can still volunteer your knowledge and time without endangering yourself. 

For example, doing online consultation – there are many private practices needing doctors to provide advices online to those suspected to have symptoms. You can work from home and thus eliminating all risks. 

Or how about volunteering at hospital / healthcare call centres? I’m sure they are overwhelmed with folks worrying over their health and wondering if they should quarantine themselves or schedule a test. Maybe use your time to publish your medical advices on your blog, make it simple for elderly folks like yourself to understand without all the confusing medical jargons and big words. 

You can also check with your hospital if it is possible to collaborate with pharmaceutical companies who are researching on vaccines. You may be able to provide insights or expertise to fill in certain gaps. 

I’m with you in giving back to society and helping others. Really, I am. But you must remember not to tilt the balance and take unnecessary risks. Importantly, you need to start taking steps to mend family relations. Especially during such troubled times, having family around you matters so much more.,

Take care. 


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34 replies on “A Word of Advice: Should I Go Back To Work After Retirement

      1. well i also think without the spell checker in the post option (they use auto correct) it does not catch these and i have typos to fix in almost all of my posts – sigh – and some i leave as is – oops
        i only mentioned yours because i was early to the post and thought you might want to know as it was fresh in the reader

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  1. This is a really good reply. There is lot of work out there without being on the frontline. I have just come out from having the Covid virus ( caught at work – and I have been super careful). It does take the life out of you- even though I am one of the lucky ones who did not need to go to hospital. I am better now. I received checking up phone calls from our NHS – Health service which I so appreciated, just to see how I am doing and answer any questions I have. It was a lifeline and I was looking forward to those calls.
    Do keep safe Kally!

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    1. Big hugs!! Are you at least 90% feeling better? I don’t think you’ll feel 100% now, not at least for another 6 months. Please take care of yourself and if you’re bored, write more and read more.

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  2. I, too, am in a “higher-risk” category, but only 69, not in my 80s yet. But my life has been full and wonderful, with Jesus blessing and forgiveness helping me all along the way. He has even used the “bad” things that have happened to me to continue to show His love and mercy.
    One of my comments somewhere on my blogs was, “If I die shoveling snow, be sure to tell everyone I died happy!” And this is true. We only get this one life on earth. Sorry to disappoint the reincarnationalists but the Bible is very clear on this.
    In any case, at over 80, what is the “unnecessary risk” in helping younger people live life to the fullest. This wonderful gentleman needs to educate his family on what makes a life worth living.
    “Oh, the worst of all tragedies is not to die young, but to live until I am seventy-five and yet not ever truly to have lived.” ~ (Martin Luther King Jr.)
    Dear William F., LIVE until you die. Then live forever with Jesus! You are one fantastic doctor!!

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    1. She is telling him not to get physically close to people who had Covid 19 but he can contribute online through counselling , advices , online videos …
      Or whatever skill or resources he has instead of going physically there when telecommunications have made the world more inter-connected …
      Love and light from Lebanon to the world…

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      1. Thank you! You’re right. I’m not saying he cannot do what he believe in, especially his cause is a great one. I’m saying he can offer his help in a safer manner because he is in a high risk group.

        Given his years of experience, I think his expertise is much better appreciated and utilize in research for better vaccination or even cure.


  3. Kally dear friend; this is precious beyond mere words.


    Here is some prudent advice from a 76 year old youngster (now retired 14 years).

    As our day’s on earth keep growing shorter; all the more reason to make God first in our lives; and to attempt to convey this message of Faith, Hope and Love to all those we love and cherish.

    With THAT in mind, kally’s advice is prudent.

    Perhaps let the WORD get out that you are offering “free” consultations; or perhaps write an advise column
    in your local paper. Prudent IS the better part of valor.

    William, thank you for your life’s example and contributions to society.

    God does NOT expect us to do everything; only all that He has planned for us.

    Pray about it, and then follow YOUR conscience. After all, you’re the One God will Judge. Amen
    God Be with you,

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    1. Thank you so much for your contribution. I do hope that with everyone chipping in to my advice. William will see that he needs to take care. Hope you’re having a great day!


  4. Kally, your advice of different options is great. In today’s world life is sometimes hard to navigate as we are being pulled in all directions. Compromise is a big part of our lives; do unto others as you want them do unto you. We believe God is still in control of our lives, and He will guide us in the right direction if we ask Him! Blessings to you, Elfriede

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  5. Your blogs are generally worth reading attentively, but this one is a gem: so very much linked to what’s happening all around us … at least to “older” people who find themselves “blocked” indoors and would like to DO something valid.

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  6. Beautiful story and very wise answer. I think that being a doctor is not only a job, also a vocation: Mr. William still want to help people. I admire him. Unfortunately, it’s npt time to run risks. All the best to him, and of course to you as well 🙂

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  7. Truly inspiring story. I personally salute to spirit and God will of doctor. As I personally belong to this profession I can understand the different challenges and perspective of doctor and you have suggested wonderful tips to come out of this circumstances.ok bye for now and have a nice day kally.🌷🌷🌷


  8. My family
    my children
    my grandchildren
    allowed me
    don’t stop them

    to do that
    what I stand up for
    indivisible human dignity
    to submit to me

    that’s why I have
    the relationships
    to my family
    set the limits

    my kids
    I say to my grandchildren
    they should be my circles
    to what I want
    do not exceed


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