Many industries have shut down since the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic worldwide. Some were forced to shut down because of the lack of customers who are not taking any chances in going out in fear of the virus. Others are feeling the strain and it is only a matter of time that they too fall because of the outbreak. A few are able to continue because they are essential business, but with the low number of employees, they are also having problems managing.

Since the pandemic looks like it won’t be gone for quite a while, everyone is thinking of a good way to earn money or at least a side income. If you need some ideas, here are 9 great businesses you can start off while a pandemic is ongoing.

Making Face Masks

Face masks are now required in most countries around the world as it can reduce the rate of infection from one person to another. However, with the shortage of manufactured masks in the market, people are turning to alternative options.

You can start a business out of this demand by manufacturing customised and reusable face masks. I know many moms started to pick up sewing to make children sized masks and it is a big hit in Kuala Lumpur.

Online Shops

Since people are now limiting their time outdoors, they could no longer go outdoors to shop. In this case, you should consider creating an online shop and sell the important essentials like food, toiletries and household essentials. You can also use your creativity and talents to offer unique products people can enjoy.

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The easiest way to start your own online shop is through dropshipping. Dropshipping is setting up an online store without storing the products but fulfilling the purchases and get the third party supplier to ship the products to customers. There are pros and cons to dropshipping method but I probably will need to elaborate further on a new post.

Education App

If you are talented in producing your own app, why not create an education app students can enjoy?

Most schools now rely on online applications for teaching and this can definitely earn you some money if they are able to catch the attention of student users. Parents are often in hunt for good education apps and they are willing to pay monthly subscriptions for such apps like LingoKids.

Personal Grocery Shopper

Not all people can go out, especially those who are vulnerable to the virus such as the elderly and those with underlying conditions.

You can earn some money by serving as their personal grocery shopper. You can sign up to be one through apps like Grab, or offer the service through Facebook.

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Online Fitness Trainer

Since fitness studios are still closed in many parts of the country, fitness is no longer a priority to many people.

But, if you are familiar with fitness training and have a good connection, you can offer your services as an online fitness trainer. Have the lessons recorded or do it live through Facebook and other online video streaming sites.

Online Tutor

Can you teach kids even through online means? If that is a yes, you can teach kids online and earn some money.

There are various online platforms that will help you reach clients in need, or offer it through social media for parents near your location.

The most popular subject to go for is language. Right now, there is a demand for language lessons for both children and adults alike.

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Personal Delivery

If you have any vehicle and you know your way around the area, why not try personal delivery?

Delivery apps like Grab allow willing drivers to earn some money by delivering online bought products to clients. Recently, this has been a popular choice for people to deliver things to one another especially for smaller online shops to opt for this to deliver to their customers.

Life Coach

Since people are stuck at their houses because of the pandemic, there will be those who may doubt what is coming in the future.

If you are a life coach, you can help these people get their life back together and help them to focus on the positive side of life.

Resume Writer

You can never tell when life will resume back to normal and for many people, this period is a great time to revise their resumes to get better jobs.

By offering your services as a resume writer, you can help job seekers get a better chance in getting the jobs they want.


What is happening right now in the world is something many of us are unprepared for. But, despite this fact, it is crucial that we learn to adapt and find ways to get by.

With these jobs, you can create a decent side hustle or temporary business that can help you get by until the crisis is over. You may not know but this may be just be the opportunity you need to find out if you have a knack for business!

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61 replies on “9 Small Businesses You Can Go into Right Now in the Middle of COVID-19 Crisis

  1. I have to be a Life Coach, I would be great on that one, I think, don´t you? Don´t youuuuuu!!!!
    Or maybe not a life coach but a motivational coach for the rich that seem depressed, I got no wifi!!!! I´m depressed, I could add some value to that way of thinking.

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          1. Not now, he did pass yesterday to say hello, he is creeping on my being…..
            Good morning Kally!!! Morning in Spain at 8:30 and is already too hot, I might actually become an alien between wearing the anti virus masks and all this heat. Matter of fact we all look a bit like aliens with these masks on.
            But…. Goood morning! All mornings have to be good.

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          2. Your hot old and young, come on lady Malaysia!
            See? I spelled the country Malaisa…lisa right, I saw what you where trying to do, now I´m in a battle of…. have no clue, but I saw it, give me a clue? That is blue

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          3. Oh no, you don’t want a clue that is blue, who wants a blue clue doesn’t have a single clue. Maybe he is down with flu or maybe he just doesn’t have a clue or maybe he is just blue missing his Pooh.


    1. Thank you and appreciate your comment, Stuart. Yes, these are challenging times and I hope my list will help some if not most to survive their financial situation.


  2. I have reposted this very useful article on Facebook & Twitter. I think it is important to show hopeful ways to survive and thrive in times of Covidity. Well done, Kally!

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  3. Bonjour ou bonsoir mon amie, ami

    Je pense que cette journée sera illuminée de soleil
    Je viens te souhaiter une belle journée
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    Journée de bonheur ou rien ne viendra te perturber
    Cette journée sera de beauté
    Bonsoir Amie AMI

    Pour cette nuit
    Je te souhaite une nuit de repos bien méritée
    Remplit de rèves flatteurs
    Des rèves que toi seule à le secret de bien gardé
    Sache que certains reves peuvent devenir réalité
    Que cette journée et soirée te soit des plus agréables
    Bisous amicales Bernard

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