With COVID-19 sweeping nonstop across the world, companies have shifted their employees to a more remote work set-up to keep the economy afloat and their businesses going. A huge investment in automation has been placed by every company, both large and small businesses, to help workers keep up with their tasks.

For workers, remote work is ideal because they can earn at home, and spend more time with their loved ones. Others may take time to get used to it, but mostly everyone welcomes its availability. For companies, having this option reassures them that they can continue their businesses without problems. However, this also means investing heavily on technology to keep everyone connected and automating the tasks that cannot be done remotely. 

Once the pandemic is over, there are thoughts on whether remote work set-up will stay or not. According to experts, it will certainly stay, but the standard office work structure will not be removed.

As a job seeker, how will remote work change the jobs that you are hoping to apply?

Workplaces will have a hybrid set-up

One of the major changes that companies will go through is changing the remote work to a hybrid set-up. Schedules of employees will adjust, and their workload will be divided. For example, some tasks will be in the office while the rest will be online. Companies will rely on various communication platforms to help employees collaborate easily and assist the management to keep track of everyone’s progress.

Companies who cannot adapt to this set-up will find it harder to keep up with their competitions and likely to fail in the long run.

Companies will give better health and safety benefits to employees

The pandemic has shown the importance of health and safety for everyone, especially in the offices. Companies are now implementing strict protocols on hygiene and safe distancing to keep their workers safe. They are also investing in technologies to trace possible infections among employees before any diseases spread.

Besides physical health, companies are also extending the coverage of its healthcare benefits related to mental health since new measures can stress some employees and affect their productivity. Some companies may even offer employees to speak to mental health professionals to understand what they are going through and learn ways to adapt to these new changes.

Cybersecurity will be heavily invested in

Since remote work will certainly be a part of any company or business after the pandemic, there will be an increase in the need for better cybersecurity in business platforms. For instance, companies will want to ensure the security of mobile devices used for work-related activities. While business platforms are doing their part to ensure safe and protected use of platforms, companies are still looking into other ways to protect their businesses with cloud security and encryption.

Employees will also be tasked to be on the lookout for any cybersecurity attack and secure their work correctly. They may even be encouraged to have a home security system installed in order to protect their properties from thieves who may otherwise be tempted to try and steal laptops and other office equipment. 

Company culture will greatly shift

Companies will undeniably change in terms of company culture as they will have a more diverse workforce. For example, homemakers or parents who have to take care of their households can now join and work for companies. There may also be other employees coming from rural areas or even from different countries. Companies will have to shift and adapt to the appropriate ways to reach out to these workers and ensure that they are more engaged and productive despite working remotely.


As a job seeker, you need to be flexible and adapt to these changes as it is unlikely to change any time soon. With proper research and preparation, remote work will be easy for you to handle. Always keep up with the constantly changing work environment, and you’ll never lose your way.

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19 replies on “Is Remote Work Here to Stay?

  1. When I was raising my kids so many people would have loved to work from home. I think the fact that now many do not have a choice makes it more difficult, especially with home schooling too. I heard an interesting fact today, people that did work in one state or city and now work from home must pay taxes in both places. If your job takes you to another area than your employer, like home, taxes are required from there too. Excellent post!

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  2. This pandemic had shown that telework is possible. Personally, I would miss at least a weekly visit to the office. I do have some sincere doubts about a few employees working from home based upon personality or job description. Others I would trust implicitly.

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  3. The big players globally in terms of tracking and influencing employment trends agree with you, Kally. COVID-19 has expedited the trend of moving towards automation and AI, with many employers quickly realising they need to invest and up skill their employees regarding being creative and generating value and content. This is in hand with using more consultants etc re the new skill sets now unfolding. As for working from home, 44% of employers worldwide have indicated that remote work is here to stay and is clearly the way forward for them.

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  4. A very timely post, Kally. I feel remote working doesn’t just work for people with families and loved ones at home. In the course of working from home for a corporate job over the last year, I met many young, single people who enjoy and thrive working from home – more time for making healthier meals, working out, relaxation and really better work-life balance. I agree remote working can suit those who work regionally. There is so much time saved if you no longer have to travel 1-2 hours to work back and forth.

    Personally I hope employees give workers the options to work from home – could be full time work from home or if not work remotely for a few days a week. Pretty sure many have found work from home better suited to their lifestyles. At first I resisted work from home but once I got myself set up, there was no looking back. My life also changed so much. Being away from the office meant I can have a quieter office space and don’t have to listen to office small talk that annoys me – and I focus so much more better at home 😄 Hope you are staying safe over there, Kally.


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