It seems that with each passing year the notion of developing freelance skills becomes more popular. This is in part because it’s become easier for people to market their own skills via the internet and social media, essentially setting the stage for more people to develop personal business endeavors of their own. However, it’s also because more people, particularly in younger generations, are focused on establishing multiple streams of revenue without necessarily focusing on a single career. This can be done in various ways including multiple day jobs, weekend work, passive income streams, and general investment. But the “side hustle” — often a skill one markets for paid freelance gigs — is a common solution.

Today, we might think of a side hustle as any number of things, from writing, to web design, to clothing and jewelry design, and so on. Many people are devoted to cryptocurrency and how they can invest in that, by visiting nft conferences and keeping a constant eye on stocks. But marketable freelance skills can also change with the time, and it’s with that in mind that we wanted to consider what some valuable options might be in the next few years. 

The following are skills that can certainly take some time to learn and develop expertise in, but they may well prove to be among the more valuable freelance abilities of the near future.

1. Blockchain Proficiency

Blockchain technology is being used for countless purposes at this point, and as a result we are seeing more and more in-demand blockchain jobs. These include blockchain development, blockchain project management, quality engineering, blockchain web design, smart contract management, and more. But these simply aren’t jobs average companies can handle in house. As a result, there’s likely to be a robust freelance market in the near future for people with blockchain understanding and proficiency. It may be a fairly high-paying market as well.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is not as new a concept as blockchain proficiency. However, it is a skill that continues to become more valuable. Businesses today know that social media is vital to their broader marketing and customer engagement strategies, but many of them are ill-equipped to handle it on their own. Thus, it’s become fairly common practice to hire social media managers, even on a freelance basis. Thorough understanding of popular social networks and a demonstrated level of savvy and creativity, then, can become an extremely marketable set of freelance skills.

3. PCB Design

The design of printed circuit boards is something that would once have been trusted only to professional electrical engineers. However, more people are learning how to handle this kind of work these days. PCB design options now exist online, allowing independent engineers to download circuit maker software, rig up design schematics, and ultimately produce functioning circuit boards. That alone makes this a more interesting skill for freelancers. On top of better availability of design software though, the need for customized and well-designed PCBs is also set to increase in the coming years. A revolution in smart technologies, the Internet of Things, and more is going to cause a relentless demand for specialized electronics, and thus a market for freelance PCB designers.

4. 3D Printing

3D printing has had a long road toward becoming an activity for individuals to enjoy. Machines were very expensive in the early going, and even so it can be a challenge to learn how to craft designs. However, we are starting to see more people taking on 3D printing as a personal hobby, and potentially even a freelance skill. Interestingly, one argument in favor of purchasing a 3D printer, for those interested, is that it can “pay for itself” by enabling you to make — rather than buy — some household products. But extend this same idea to business activity, and a 3D printer can do far more than pay for itself. By creating products you can sell as a side business, you can profit handsomely from this futuristic tech hobby.

There are of course plenty of other things you can look to for freelance work now and into the future. But teach yourself to be proficient in one of these areas, and you’ll likely have all the offers you can handle in the coming years!

40 replies on “4 Valuable Freelance Skills for the Near Future

  1. hello from locked down Athens, Greece! Your posts are always useful and mostly clear on the issues you address. I don’t know what “blockchain” is!!!! I need to go back to my laptop and research!! Have a good week!

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  3. Great post! The newest one from the above would be Blockchain Proficiency… We have come a long way with new and invoating technology that will forever change our futures (for the good of course) 🙂

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  4. Interesting that you mention PCB design. It’s one of those “NP” (nondeterministic polynomial time) tasks that are difficult (ironically) for computers to solve by themselves. Consequently, it remains a somewhat intuitive occupation that’s been holding out (so far anyway) against Artificial Intelligence. And for someone already doing CAD work, it can be a convenient addition of services.

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  5. 3D printing technology is amazing. I’ve seen articles recently about new filaments that are derived from food waste. Of course, those kinds of specialty materials are probably a bit spendy, but hopefully someday they’ll be more widely available.

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