Covid-19 pandemic has greatly shifted the way we do things: from home to work. We have been supportive towards one another, especially showing our gratitude towards the frontliners who are working hard to keep key industries working. However, the pandemic has also caused us to fear going outdoors, especially with the knowledge the virus is still lingering.

With many governments now working on ways of reopening the economy, many of us are scared of going back to work. But, it is crucial we do our best to combat our fears, especially because our work can help our families get by during this tough period.

However, it is reported that 59% of Singaporeans are not comfortable returning to work now. I can understand that feeling. As much as we all want to return life as before, our lives isn’t normal now. That lingering fear is still in the back of our minds with the “what ifs” floating around.

To help you get past your fear and be able to return to work, here are some tips you can apply:

Over-communication is the key

Each time you watch the news, it will definitely tell you how the pandemic is spreading worldwide. Some of us may have relatives and friends who contracted the virus. It is undeniable that the threat is real.

During this time, it is important that we reach out to our employers and co-workers and let them know what is going on in your end and what you are doing to stay safe.

If your employers don’t have the answer to your questions, don’t panic because they are also feeling the stress. Give them time to find the answers. So long as you show that you are honest about your situation, everyone will take note of it.

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Keep up with well-being of everyone

Everyone is feeling the strain caused by the pandemic and each one of us have different situations to take into account. There may be some of us whose family members are at risk to the virus, while others are simply depressed because of too much anxiety.

In addition to all the safety protocols being applied by your workplace, make it a point to help each other and keep your mental health in check.

Ask yourself and your coworkers if you are doing ok and to let them know that you are here to help them if they need it.

Keep the dialog and your mind open. Sometimes, people just need a listening ear while others just need a supporting shoulder.

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Safety first

It is difficult to stay safe against a virus that is still unknown to many scientists. However, you should show that you are actively trying to keep yourself and the people around you safe.

Safety can help combat the fear you have while working and reassure them that you are playing your part in helping the fight against the virus. Being seen doing safety protocols will also inspire others to do the same thing.

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Understand that there will be people who won’t go to work

It is undeniable that most of us prefer to work at this time, but it is impossible with the lingering threat of the virus. You can ask them to go to work, but you have to remember that there will be setbacks in making them go back.

They may share their feelings of fear towards others, causing them to become uncertain over working back in the office with the pandemic ongoing.

Be understanding that their fears are understandable because of the uncertainty the virus bring us and if you are their team leader, make a compromise to make sure they can still contribute in their work from home.

Threatening their livelihood over their heads to force them to come back to work will backfire on the company. Good employees will either resigned because their health is more important than money or they will be disgruntled.

Remember why you are working

Whenever you are in doubt and feel that fear creeping back, you remember why you are doing this work in the first place. While there is now a new normal, take it as a time to look into the people who support you and use it to drive you to be a better person. You can look into your current work and see what opportunities you can use despite the pandemic.

Don’t Let Fear Blind You

It is undeniable that it can be hard to go back to work without fear, especially without the presence of a vaccine. However, you shouldn’t let your fear stop you from achieving your goals and be the same productive person you can be. Take these tips into heart and see how it can change the way you work.

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27 replies on “The Fear of Returning to Work is Real

  1. As a police officer, I’ve been working normally the entire time. Still, I can understand your added concern given that Singapore is so densely populated. . .

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    1. Hi David! First of all, thank you so much for being a frontliner, risking your health for us. I’m not living in Singapore now, have been in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia for past 5 years. But yes, the fear even in Malaysia or Singapore are very real. Many of my friends are reluctant to go back to work because they don’t want to be infected but mostly, not to bring the virus back home and infect their loved ones.

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  2. Unless your works absolutely require you to be in the office, people will accustom to working from home even pandemic is under controlled or have preventative care or treatment available. I think it is going be slowly returning back to the office (assume people have choices).

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  3. So true. Unfortunately, we are now back in lockdown after being covid free for such a long time and I am personally a bit afraid of coming back to work if it’s safe to do so. I can totally relate to that.

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