With the pandemic and the world going bonkers (who isn’t with the lockdown restrictions), everyone needs sprinkles of love, a big hug and a bucketful bathtub full of positivity.

I was chatting with Simon in the comments and he come across as someone who is absolutely positive. Even with a new challenging job hurdle and a slight change of job scope, he still manage to see the positive side of the situation.

So if you need that bathtub full of positivity, have a recent at this awesome post below:

Have you ever came across a situation like you wanted to do something and you did something else which was not supposed to do by you. Not everyone will come across such situation, but when it happens, will you give a try? What’s wrong in trying new? Take an example, you are a corporate employee, your work is actually held by some other activity and they let you do something else, in a different team, and a different activity you never tried, will you try? Or give up?

The point is not everyone will say yes, but one should not miss this, here is why. Let me divide these category into two.

There are two types of mindset among us.

Fixed Mindset

These people are common among us. When you give them something new, their first thought is “How can I do that? That’s not my job, and I will fail if I do” .

They think the impossibility first, the negativity in their mind dominates their thoughts, they won’t even try. Because they actually live in a comfort zone and in a pattern, coming out of this fixed mindset is not easy for them and they will only complain how they’ll end up doing that.

If you have such people around try to tell them to focus at the positive outcome and try to stay away from them, because of their own barriers and own limitations, they won’t try new things, and will not let others around to try.

And they simply cannot take a criticism, they take it personally and might blame others or people around if they fail trying new things. It’s quiet hard to convince these characters, if they need to grow in their career they should come out of that mindset.

One are not going to do same job forever, imagine how many typist job we had before the computer and printer invention? Always be prepared!

Growth Mindset

These people are game, they are excited, they are curious and they look at the bright side, in simple words being optimistic.
These are the people that we usually see around charming and energetic, they are curious, they wanted to know, they wanted to learn, they wanted to grow.

If these people gets a job and suddenly if their line of career changes, these characters will be the excited one first to try and find out what is in there. Others might not be pleased with these people behaviour, they’ll think going out of their line is not theirs call and criticize them as overreacting or trying to please others, but we must appreciate them because they do try and having a guts to try and they add this as an added knowledge in their profile, who doesn’t want an extra knowledge in their profile when getting paid for learning.

Any critics you put on them they know which has to be taken and which has to be ignored and they always ready to correct their mistakes. They think better and never wanted to stay in comfort zone and ready to try different projects. These are the people that we should keep around, as they will have a strong mindset to try and looks at the options and situations as opportunities and try it with a smile.


So what are you? If you wanted to grow, come out of the box, come out of that little world of comfort zone you live in, you can’t see the sunshine just by hiding yourself in bed, you gotta come out and play. You got one life, just one life and one day and 24 hrs. Do something that will change you for good, it’s okay to fail, what matters is were you brave enough to try that? Failure is a sign that you are trying, in the end it’s an added knowledge in your career.

Love challenges, love critiscm, it makes you awesome ✨

Thanks for Reading!

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28 replies on “Guest Post: Life lesson – Growth mindset

  1. Very Good Morning Kally! ✨ It’s very good to read the first post begins with your notification 😇. Thank you so much for sharing 🤗✨ Have an exciting Friday and Enjoy the weekend ✨✍️

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  2. In conversation yesterday I realized that, with all the intense bittersweet experiencing in the past few months, I have learned more about myself than I ever could have imagined. I don’t see that would have happened without the experience. Thanks for this post.

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  3. “Simon say’s” (do you remember that game?)

    Well here, Simon say’s “Conquer yourself OR the world will concur you.”

    Don’t “be your own worst enemy”; NO! Be your own Best friend.

    God Be with you,

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  4. Bonjour ce matin, Que le soleil soit rayonnant ou qu’il pleuve

    Le jour nous invite à sourire à s’émerveiller
    Prenons le temps respirer

    Prenons aussi du temps pour nous
    Arrêtons -nous quelques instants pour mieux repartir

    Je vous offre ces quelques mots de douceur avec gratitude
    De bonne humeur en éclats d’énergie , telles des pépites de vie

    Que leurs bienfaits rejaillissent sur vous
    Belle journée à tous et à votre famille

    Prenez soin de vous Bisous

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  5. I wrote about having a growth mindset today from a psychological perspective. Depending on mindfulness and grit appear to be an answer for those willing to grow their mindset.

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