Tis the season to be jolly.. Fa Laa Laa Laa Laa La La La.. Okay, I know it is the start of December and a wee bit too early for Christmas but I am feeling generous as I kickstart this wonderful month with an equally wonderful guest post written by Vee. A brillant young writer whose posts I can’t get enough of.

If you love her work as much as I do, please drop by her website!

At 11:22 this morning, I get the following email: 


Thank you for applying to our Junior Marketing Coordinator opportunity at [X Company].

We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to review and apply to our organization. For this position, we received a high volume of candidates and although your qualifications were impressive, we will not be moving forward with your application at this time. Please feel free to apply to other opportunities that become available with [X Company]

We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Kind regards,

Holly [——–] , HR Manager

The email was indeed addressed to ‘CANDIDATE_FIRSTNAME’. I edited out the company name and her last name for privacy reasons. She may suck at her job but I still don’t want to be mean enough to publicly put her on blast. Anyways, my rejection email came addressed to “Candidate_FirstName”. 

Naturally, my first thought was “Wow, they couldn’t even take the extra step to insert my actual name in the form field for the automatic response they send to candidates they’re not considering!” 


I clearly didn’t get considered for this position at all. Which is sad because I spent over a half hour on the application. What a waste of my time…

At 11:37 am, I get another email:

Hello [My Actual Full Name Used],

My sincere apologies for the recent email I sent you. Unfortunately the template did not update correctly to insert your name and for that I am truly sorry.  


Holly [——–] , HR Manager

Okay, so she apologized. Do I give her credit? I mean, at least she apologized. On the other hand, she is still sending out pretty tone-deaf generic emails to people and form-filling their names so she doesn’t even have to type them in. So, does she really get credit for not being able to do the one and only step required to sending a rejection email? 

I spent a half hour to submit my application and had to submit three references up front and she couldn’t even form-fill my name in the rejection email? LOL What is life?

Some days… some days I feel like I’m really wasting my time with this whole working world. I think I’m just going to run away to the Seychelles and sell fruit on the beach for the rest of my days…



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15 replies on “Guest Post: Adventures in job hunting: I got an actual apology!

  1. Holly wins points for apologising. Sloppy work on her part, to be sure, but my bet is that most people who realised that they’d made such an error would shrug it off.
    Actually, her apology could have been a good opportunity to bounce back with ‘Ok, no offence taken, I hope you’ll hold on to my details and consider me for future positions.’

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  2. Tats great you got apology at least, but still Holly isnt right at first. Let me tell a short real story that happens in my country. Bunch of emails been sent to random applicants completely a position that is not relevant of what they applied. But still people come🙄 no idea where they get so much crowd.🤔 Guess what next? they make everyone sit there for half day😲 just for an aptitude test 😒and send 70% of people out🤯. These people have spent more than half a day ignoring their breakfast and lunch in fear of they will be missed out and they are OUT! Poor people. Sadly these recruiters here treats people like shit and i hate it for sure. 😐 Great Post Kally! Have a beautiful day🤗✨

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  3. Considering the form-email, I’m as surprised she later noticed her mistake as that she sent out an apology. I wonder if this was the only instance where she had the error or if it happened on a bunch and she then had to send out a batch of more carefully personalized form-emails?

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