Top Reasons Why New Mums Change Jobs

Being a mother is a very tough job to do; but, it is also a life-changing experience. There’s a lot of stress involved in motherhood, but there are also great rewards.

Nowadays, many women do not just hope to become moms, but they also aspire to have great careers. When they do become new mothers, their career goals don’t change and sometimes, they will look for a new job after their maternity leave.

Here are the major reasons why new mums often change jobs:


  1. Hoping for better opportunities

Many new mothers have different priorities when they become new parents. They are now thinking about their growing family and the expenses they have to deal with.

Some mothers may need better opportunities because they are the sole breadwinner of the family. Getting a promotion or a pay raise will definitely help them and the company must be able to provide them with these opportunities.


  1. Cannot Grow in Current Job

Working women also look into the growth opportunity presented by the job. If they have already stretched out every aspect of their current job, learnt everything it has to offer and achieved all the responsibilities attached to the job, its time for a new job.

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  1. Flexible Work Opportunities

Being able to adjust their work schedule is welcome to every new mom, especially while their children are young.

New moms have to juggle their time in work and at home. Sometimes, they will need to leave work early to sort things at home.

Many employers today are offering flexible work opportunities for new parents, like work-at-home or shorter work hours.


  1. Hoping for a new career

Sometimes, the possible reason why a new mom is looking for a new job is that they want to do a new career.

Many people often realize that their current career is not for them when they just started their career in the industry. They may have loved the job at first, but they started to lose their passion for it. But, when they think about going to a new industry, they cannot wait for the challenge.


  1. Looking for a family-friendly employer

Finally, a major reason why many mothers are looking for a new career is that they want an employer who understands their current situation.

Companies who are open to flexible work opportunities, career growth and family-oriented perks allow parents to get used to their new status.


If you are a new mom, you need to make sure you will be able to balance both work and home tasks everyday. As such, you need to make sure your workplace will help you with your transition. If your workplace won’t be able to help, it is ok to look for a new job.

Another great alternative is to try your hand out as a freelancer. It may be tough starting out but once you get the hang of it and master the ropes, freelancing actually gives you the freedom to choose the amount of work, the type of work and the time you want to put in.

Remember, you are doing this for your growing family! While you need to keep your career, your family comes first. We wish you luck!

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  1. equipsblog says:

    Wise words, Kally.

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  2. Kally this is beautiful!


    and God Bless you and ALL Moms!

    So long as we have the right priorities, life willgo smoother:
    GOD first
    The Family
    Then Work
    Then everything else


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    1. reneadu says:

      Oh yes , true talk.

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  3. reneadu says:

    Mothers are a blessing , am sure have encouraged a new mum. Nice piece.

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  4. vinneve says:

    For me, it’s number 3 & 5 the most important.

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    1. Kally says:

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts


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