Many people quit a job for study, another quit study for a job. How to find the right balance to finish the successful study and get the dream job?

According to a NPEC (New Report by National Post-Secondary Education Cooperative), there are around two million bachelor’s, 800 thousand of master’s, and around 200 thousand of doctor’s degrees were awarded in the US during the 2016-17 year. Did all of these people receive a dream job? How not to spend any time and get a full-time job right after graduation?

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There are always more options than you can see

Most of the best opportunities are invisible until we start to do anything to see it. People graduate every half year but not of them got the job they always were dreaming about. How to avoid it? There are a few obvious advises which are mostly ignored by students. There is a good saying. “what we are looking for is looking for us too”.

Think before study

Most students enter universities and colleges in order not to stay without study for a year. In comparison to all the years you may lose in the work you don’t enjoy, this gap year is not noticeable in the sense of time but crucial decision-making period. This is a real-life research time. You can go working, traveling, learning at home online, but the most important thing is research. Explore various branches, meet people, ask them questions about the daily routine and try to imagine yourself in their place. This is hard work for an 18-year-old person. On the other hand, this experience can help you to explore exciting new college graduate jobs you didn’t know about and made the right decision.

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Find a part-time job

Here we are not talking about cleaning, babysitting, walking dogs, and other. Find a part-time professional job in your field to start working on your CV as soon as possible. You will make extra money as well. Work experience is significant for the most applications. By starting work at 19-22 years old you automatically higher your chances to become a required young professional in a particular branch. Jobs after graduating college are necessary for everyone. Work experience will make you one grade better than other competitors.

Never stop researching

One of the possibilities for best career options after graduation is to research. Find graduates of your university on LinkedIn, Xing and other headhunting social networks to make a clearer image of your future. Talk to them and ask for professional advice. In most cases, they won’t refuse to help young specialists who are only at the dawn of their professional career. You can also research companies and projects they are working for. Start looking for internship beforehand. Through this option, a person can get a desired job and honor.

Monitor career options

Today most of the applicants have to go through a screening layer and then interview. It means that most companies have long and complicated forms to fill in order to test your patience and seriousness of intentions. Use your devices. Thankfully to an era of innovation in the digital world, there is a choice of various applications which will help you to apply for a few minutes or help with doing it from your mobile phone. Set notifications and monitor the situation on the market in order to be prepared for requirements of your dream job.

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Visit a company you would like to work for

Career plans after graduation include not only the obligation to find any job for experience but also the opportunity to find the one you like. Have you ever thought about finding a career in Apple or Google? Did you check statistics of current employees? Without research, it is impossible to catch what you want to. Before hiring, each company will interview you where you have to provide the interviewer not only with a job experience but also with a strong motivation and evidence of research in the field.

Limits are only in your head

Remember that there is no the right position for you. Students are concentrated on getting a degree that forgets to find a chance for a career. You must use every opportunity. There is no harm in sending too many applications before graduation. Reach the companies you would like to work for. Playing with your CV won’t harm so you can change it and compare the results. The most important thing is that you have never to stop trying. 

Lisa Griffin
is a blogger for who successfully worked as a freelancer during studentship. Lisa studied linguistics and was working as a freelance translator. Blogging is her passion which she was looking for a long period. By trying hard and failing, she gained her goal and combined passion for daily work. She believes that the earlier a persons start fighting, the faster he or she achieves the goal.

6 replies on “Guest Post: What To Do In College To Get A Job After Graduation

  1. Jobs, study, – do they balance each other? That’s what I told my daughter when she was going to university. She did well in college and had some 500 or 600 points. she finally got through a university that many girls dreams of. But what I told her is that it is great happiness for a girl when she sees herself as a university student – but be prepared that after graduation, “NO DIPLOMAS” have ever noted that you are going to be successful! Diplomas only states that you have been there, you have done your time. You may be very intelligent. the next thing after is “YOU” – what does the future holds. Your government is not interested with you, the world no one looks after each other. I told her that she is going to be challenged by the world where she lives. I noted down to her like you mentioned Kally “Dream Jobs.” I told her that her “dream job is herself.” She must be prepared to show herself to the world and fight for her own space. And finally she is now thinking and preparing of writing her own magazine. The preparations, the writings will tough, but “HOPE” is all I am hoping right now for her. Great steps forward! I just hope and wishes all graduates good luck in their new adventures. It is not an easy world out there.


  2. I can’t tell you how many places I visited after graduating college. Never did find my dream job. I thought I did a couple of times but I either got you’re over qualified or they gave me another excuse. The one job I really wanted, I told them to tell me how long they wanted me to stay and after that time we could evaluate where to go from here. Please note the job I wanted was a clerk in a DA office. Still looking for that dream job so nothing is guarenteed.


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